Tuesday, December 20, 2011

JTG Consulting Examines What It Takes to Be a Leader of the 21st Century

JTG Consulting suggests leadership has experienced many changes within the last century. While in the 1950s the typical boss was barking orders at their subordinates, the 'hang-loose' management style of the 90s wouldn’t be efficient enough in order to keep up with the competition. JTG Consulting’s Manager, Johan Gericke says: "We are living in a constantly changing and dynamic business climate; therefore it is important to develop the right mindset and skills in order to identify new opportunities before the competition does. Being the next generation leader does not just mean being the boss of an organisation."

To be a leader in the 21st century Johan Gericke at JTG Consulting suggests: "Being a strong role model who has the ability to learn quickly in today’s environment and can be creative and innovative is something here at JTG Consulting we have found to be important." Johan Gericke continues: "In order to achieve individual as well organisational success, a business leader needs to be constantly aware of the competition and the changes that are happening in the environment." Management consultant and author of the book ‘Your Management Sucks’ states in an article on Entrepreneur.com: "Today’s successful business leader is decisive, insightful and constantly challenging company conventions to keep ideas flowing." JTG Consulting reports areas such as productivity, customer services and reducing complaints are all benefits of successful leadership.

Johan Gericke at JTG Consulting explains: "Leadership skills are crucial in order to be a successful Manager. Global changes, the financial crisis or new technology are only some of the challenges business leaders face in the 21st century." Johan Gericke continues: "We at JTG Consulting set value on constant self-development, networking and mentoring in order to keep up with our competitors. The trend of the next generation leaders goes towards individuals who are highly motivated and take initiative to persistently develop new skills and evaluate performance, always try to be one step ahead of the competition and have the ability to execute change and drive others to success."

About JTG Consulting

JTG Consulting is one of the fastest growing sales and marketing firms within the London area. The company specialises in in-store, events and business-to-business promotional campaigns. When many companies are downsizing, JTG Consulting continues to grow at a rapid rate. As more organisations are relying on technology for business, the human aspect becomes more of a commodity, which is why JTG Consulting’s key focus is on people and the development of their business and skills.

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