Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bull River Group Joins ActiveStrategy’s Strategic Consulting Partner Network

ActiveStrategy, Inc., the leading provider of comprehensive strategic performance management software, today announced that it has entered into a Strategic Consulting Partnership with the Bull River Group, a Massachusetts-based management consulting firm that specializes in strategy execution for Life Science and Healthcare companies.

Bull River Group focuses on delivering practical, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that improve a company’s ability to effectively plan, measure, monitor, and continuously adapt their strategy. Under the terms of this agreement, Bull River Group and ActiveStrategy will partner to provide ActiveStrategy Enterprise® (ASE) performance management software to select Bull River Group clients. ASE software will help ensure that the strategy maps, balanced scorecards, and other performance management and measurement elements that the Bull River Group consultants design will be implemented as effectively as possible, allowing clients to achieve and sustain the most dramatic possible performance results.

With this partnership agreement in place, Bull River’s impressive team of consultants—including one of the co-founders of the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and two former executives from the Palladium Group—will work closely with ActiveStrategy to help our mutual clients refine their strategy, align the organization to that strategy, and implement the strategy using proven methods and ASE software as the sustaining foundation.

Founding Partner Randall Cole remarked, “We are pleased to partner with ActiveStrategy. ASE is a strategy management solution that is outstanding for its breadth and flexibility. It fully supports the latest Kaplan/Norton Balanced Scorecard methodology including dynamic Strategy Maps, cascaded Scorecards and initiative management, as well as supporting operational dashboards and process improvement. Its intuitive interface and ease of use allows us to build solutions with our clients as we deliver our facilitation and design services. ActiveStrategy has become a leader in the life sciences and health care sectors, which are our main areas of focus.”

The two firms will work together across a range of client organizations as they build performance management frameworks, define and cascade metrics, and automate them in ActiveStrategy Enterprise software (ASE), which facilitates the deployment of Balanced Scorecards, performance metrics, strategic dashboards, and other performance management frameworks.

ActiveStrategy CEO, Jack Steele, remarked, "We are thrilled to bring the Bull River Group into our growing network of strategic consulting partners. The powerful combination of their best-in-class consulting methodologies and our robust performance management platform will drive impressive results for clients and expand the influence, and ultimately the successes, of both of our organizations.”

About ActiveStrategy, Inc.

ActiveStrategy’s singular focus is enabling results through performance management and measurement. Through a combination of the world’s most comprehensive performance management software, ActiveStrategy Enterprise, and leading management consulting services, we help organizations of all sizes and in all sectors dramatically improve their business performance.

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