Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steelhenge Consulting Releases a Business Continuity Guide for Small Businesses

Steelhenge, one of the UK's leading providers of crisis management and organisational resilience consultancy and a Partner of the Business Continuity Institute, has created a business continuity guide designed specifically for small businesses. The guide, free to download, is available in the Resources section of the Business Continuity Awareness Week 2011 website found at and for more information, visit

"We felt it was important to provide a practical and succinct guide to business continuity for small businesses, and Business Continuity Awareness Week was the ideal time to launch it," said Isobel Nicholas, Director of Communications for Steelhenge. "Dominic Cockram, MD of Steelhenge, wrote it for businesses with very small numbers of employees, as they are particularly vulnerable to business interruptions yet often place business continuity as a low priority due to competing demands on time and resources," Isobel explained.

When asked to describe the contents of the guide, Isobel said; "It's a pragmatic guide containing simple steps that can be taken by the company, without any external help, to increase their resilience. It outlines factors they need to consider about their business to ensure they can stay up and running in adverse circumstances, such as loss of access to premises, bad weather, failure of a supplier or any other unexpected event. It's our hope," Isobel concluded, "that the small businesses who download and use the guide will see how much they can do to protect their business and productivity from the impact of disruptions through some straightforward thought and preparation."

About Steelhenge

Steelhenge Consulting provides end to end business continuity, crisis management and emergency planning services to a broad range of corporate clients internationally, as well as to UK Government Departments, local authorities, the European Commission and NGOs. Steelhenge also delivers specialist services in energy resilience, utility resilience, ICT continuity management, information security and sports event emergency management. Steelhenge has particular expertise in the preparation of people to perform effectively in implementing business continuity and recovery plans, and in communicating both internally and externally with stakeholders during a crisis.

Established in 2004, with offices in London and Salisbury, Steelhenge is the UK's leader in the delivery of bespoke emergency response training and incident management exercises for staff at all levels from the strategic through the tactical to the operational. Steelhenge's business continuity and crisis management consultants have been recruited from a broad range of sectors in order to create a depth of expertise and knowledge across the resilience landscape. All senior staff have operational experience of crises, incidents, emergencies or disasters, enabling them to deliver pragmatic business continuity and crisis management solutions along with crisis communications and media training based on real-life experience.

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