Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clarkston Consulting Receives Client Satisfaction Rating of 96%

Clarkston Consulting, a leading management and technology consulting firm, is pleased to announce they have achieved a Client Satisfaction rating of 96% and a Strong Satisfaction rating of 70% in 2010. This achievement represents 10 consecutive years of industry leading client satisfaction with an average rating of 96%. This continues to distinguish Clarkston as the premiere consulting service provider. Clarkston engaged Client Opinions, Inc., an independent research firm, to conduct an assessment of its client services and level of client satisfaction. According to Client Opinions’ Colin Wahl, “Clarkston once again received exceptionally strong client satisfaction scores across the board, as evidenced by the fact that virtually all of Clarkston clients would recommend the firm to a business associate, one of the strongest satisfaction ratings we have ever seen in our many years of research.”

Clarkston’s ability to provide this type of brilliant client service is a direct result of the expertise and professionalism of their stewards - a reflection of high levels of satisfaction across multiple categories measuring employees, methodology and tools, and project execution. “At Clarkston Consulting, we consider our client satisfaction one of our key differentiators in the consulting marketplace. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we always look for avenues to refine our processes and methods, and to enable our consultants to deliver the level of service that our clients have come to expect. We understand that the services we deliver are critical to the success of our business partners, and we strive to exceed their expectations in every engagement”, Tom Finegan, Clarkston co-founder and CEO.

The objective of the client satisfaction survey is to get a broad base of feedback to help understand client satisfaction in a way that is measurable and unbiased. Along with this success, Clarkston remains committed to the pursuit of excellence as demonstrated by the testimonials of its clients. States Richard Eyre, of Church & Dwight, “Clarkston is a flexible, effective, and dynamic organization to work with. They know my business needs and effectively communicate the best solutions”. Joy Lizanetz of Medicis Pharmaceuticals further adds, “One of the components that I enjoy most about working with Clarkston is the willingness and ease with which their consultants acclimate to the organizational culture. This accommodation, in turn, leads to an intimate understanding of the business needs which ultimately results in solutions that both fit our unique environment and also that are well-accepted by the business”.

Clarkston remains committed to delivering brilliant client service by focusing on its core values and listening to its clients. By addressing strategy, process, organizational, and technology needs for Consumer Product and Life Sciences companies, Clarkston ensures that clients get the highest value for their investments. Clarkston’s continuing high marks in customer satisfaction distinguishes them as sought after solution experts in the competitive professional services market.

About Clarkston Consulting

Clarkston Consulting is a different kind of management and technology consulting firm. We deliver a unique experience for market leaders within the Consumer Products and Life Sciences industries. Considering professionalism, expertise, and value as prerequisites, we take service a step further through our unyielding commitment to the success of people as individuals, both our clients and our stewards. By combining integrity, adaptability, and a whatever-it-takes attitude, we have achieved an extremely high rate of referral and repeat business and a 10 year average client satisfaction rate of 96%.

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