Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Title Consulting (TITL) to Expand Further: High-Tech Smartphone Merger

Title Consulting Services, Inc. announces that the company is taking decisive steps regarding its search for viable business ventures in the high-tech sector, with a second targeted merger candidate in the high-tech space.

The company has successfully negotiated and signed a Letter of Intent with a high-tech venture company, and expects to proceed with a thorough due diligence for this merger and/or acquisition shortly. The targeted merger candidate offers a solid business model in the smartphone application development industry, is in the revenue generating mode and is profitable with solid plan for future growth.

TITL CEO Dustin Secor stated, "We made it perfectly clear that we want to complement our insurance business and diversify into high-tech ventures, and that we intend to move fast. So, following the PresentAll merger, which is to close within days, we will continue to diversify our focus in the high-tech sector. A Letter of Intent has been signed and we are proceeding with the due diligence as we speak. We are moving at a breakneck speed and seek further opportunities in this profitable and growing sector."

"In other company updates, the Bios of the PresentAll principals are available on the company website. PresentAll management experience will offer TITL further insights into the high-tech services and guidance in future business opportunities on evolving high-tech market."

"As we are diversifying TITL business at high speed, we are also seeking to change the company name to better address our focus in the tech space. We invite our shareholders to participate in the name selection process. Suggestions for our new corporate identity can be emailed to The selected name will be announced in concert with the State filings."

"Just so that everyone is clear, this new merger is in addition to PresentAll. We seek to close the PresentAll merger this week, and we will provide updates on all news and developments as they progress on a timely basis."

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