Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Alliance Makes Net Promoter Score Actionable for Australian Companies

Today, Genroe and Directness announce a partnership to bring CustomerGauge, an automatic Net Promoter® Score measurement tool, to organisations in Australian and New Zealand.

Since its publication in the December 2003 edition of Harvard Business Review, Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been widely used by organisations to drive improvements in customer loyalty. Companies ranging from Harley Davidson to Honeywell use this tool to lift customer loyalty and increase profits.

However, a key stumbling block for success has always been the ability to collect and analyse customer feedback in real time. The high volume of rich customer feedback that the Net Promoter Score process collects is wasted without timely and focused action: tactical and strategic.

CustomerGauge, developed by Amsterdam, Netherlands based Directness, is an automatic loyalty measurement system that solves this key issue by delivering results in real time. For the Australian and New Zealand markets, CustomerGauge are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Genroe to sell, deliver and support customers in the region.

Genroe, is a Sydney, Australia based specialist customer experience management consultancy that helps clients take real-time scores and customer comments to drive a deeper customer focus into their organisation.

Melbourne based iSelect, Australia's leading comparison service provider, has been using a CustomerGauge system implemented by Genroe since November 2010. Ms. Joanna Thomas, General Manager – Sales and Operations, commented, “Within days of implementing CustomerGauge we began uncovering our areas of strength and opportunities to improve our services to customers. The continuous stream of customer feedback combined with the reporting and analysis tools provided by CustomerGauge allow us to take action quickly and accurately to deliver what our customers want when they want it.”

The announcement combines the world class CustomerGauge software as a services (SaaS) Net Promoter Score collection and analysis platform with practical customer experience management consulting services. This will enable Australian and New Zealand companies to truly leverage the power of the Net Promoter Score methodology.

Managing Director of CustomerGauge, Adam Dorrell noted that “It’s one thing to have a comprehensive tool to collect and analyse customer feedback but many companies struggle to convert this information into action. Genroe’s customer experience management skills allow CustomerGauge clients to drive real change and customer focus into their business”.

Adam Ramshaw Director Genroe stated: “We searched the world for the best solution to implementing Net Promoter Score data collection and reporting. When we contacted Directness regarding CustomerGauge they delivered on every one of our, and our client’s requirements, including value for money.”

“We look forward to sharing CustomerGauge with our clients and helping them to drive increased revenue and profits for their business”.

More about CustomerGauge

CustomerGauge allows organisations to measure loyalty, understand and respond to customers. It is a powerful web-based survey tool focused entirely on Net Promoter Score in three main parts:

  • Surveying (and Survey Control): multi-channel data collection enables companies to collect feedback from customers in all areas of their business.
  • Reporting and Analysis: data collection without analyses is wasted opportunity. CustomerGauge provides live reporting and analysis of customer feedback.
  • Workflow and special features: Turning analysis into action is the key to success and CustomerGauge includes a range of business workflow tools to enable companies to drive change in their business.

About Net Promoter

Net Promoter Score is a “one-question” method of understanding customer loyalty based on a numeric score and customer comments. It was developed by Fred Reichheld of Bain and outlined in publications including “The Ultimate Question”. It is rapidly becoming the standard for loyalty measurement in Fortune 500 companies, Australian banks and telcos, and now smaller organisations. Proponents of the score include Harley Davidson, Hertz, Home Depot.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

About Directness

CustomerGauge is a product from Directness BV, a software firm with an in-depth background in marketing and sales. Directness has a thorough understanding of what really matters to drive commercial success, how to best interpret and present customer feedback, highlight satisfaction results and how to manage and analyse core issues to executives.

Directness is a fast-growing, privately funded start-up, founded in 2006. The company is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – the European heart of e-commerce activities with a global blue-chip client base.

Contact: Adam Dorrell,
Telephone: +31 (208) 20 21 61.

About Genroe

Genroe is an Australian based, specialist customer experience management consultancy that helps its clients to drive increased customer focus for their organisation. Genroe enable businesses to increase revenue and profits through increasing customer retention, generating additional cross-sell and improving customer management.

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