Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AgilePath Releases Cloud Computing PlaybookTM Strategy Template for Complimentary Download, a Cloud Computing Strategy and Roadmap Framework

AgilePath Corporation, a leading IT management consulting firm, today announced the release of its "Cloud Computing Playbook™ Strategy Template" for complementary download from

AgilePath's "Cloud Computing Playbook™ Strategy Template" provides a vendor-neutral Cloud computing strategy development framework that will accelerate the definition and validation of a robust Cloud computing strategy for any organization interested in adopting Cloud computing for their enterprise.

The Cloud Computing Playbook™ Strategy Template can be used as a standalone strategy development tool, or it can be coupled with the previously-released Cloud Computing Playbook™ Assessment Template to help better understand your current situation as an input into your Cloud Computing To-Be strategy. Both of these artifacts leverage AgilePath's Cloud Computing Reference Model (CC-RM) and Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CC-RA) framework.

In addition, AgilePath is releasing a new whitepaper titled, "Exploring the Cloud Governance Lifecycle: Accelerating the Transition to a Cloud-Centric Leadership Organization." This new whitepaper provides an overview of the impact of Cloud computing on IT governance, and develops the concept of a Cloud Governance Lifecycle.

"AgilePath is excited to release these insightful Cloud computing concepts to the industry for use by organizations seeking proven and practical tools to support their Cloud computing efforts," stated AgilePath CEO Eric Marks. "AgilePath's mission is to leverage thought leadership and proven methodologies to accelerate Cloud adoption and facilitate the creation of Cloud-Centric Leadership Organizations. These artifacts will help create new Cloud-Centric Leaders for the IT organizations of the future."

To download the "Cloud Computing Playbook™ Strategy Development Model" and whitepaper, "Optimizing IT Capabilities Via Integrated Cloud Management and Governance (CMaG)," please visit

About AgilePath Corporation

AgilePath Corporation is a leading IT management consulting firm focused on Cloud computing, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Governance Solutions and Technology Acquisition Innovation. Founded in 2003, AgilePath leverages its industry thought leadership and supporting Playbook™ methodologies to deliver rapid sustainable business results through the rapid and successful adoption of emerging technologies. For more information visit

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