Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OSSCube launches into the European market with One Point Consulting

OSSCube marks its entry into the European market with a landmark joint venture with one of the leading open source consulting providers in UK - One Point Consulting Ltd. Known as OSSCube UK, the joint venture will address the needs of the European market. One Point brings a range of skills and partnerships including Zimbra, MindTouch and Processmaker, which complements the OSSCube service lines. OSSCube UK will proactively be promoting the solutions and services of OSSCube including SugarCRM, Zend, LAMP, MySQL and EnterpriseDB.

“With extensive experience in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Systems Integration, Programme Management, Identity Systems and Open Source with rigour and strong ethics, One Point enriches the OSSCube family with its unique insights into the European market and provides a strategic advantage by enabling us with the requisite expertise, and skills to successfully deliver projects” said OSSCube’s President and co-founder Lavanya Rastogi.

“By becoming a part of the OSSCube family, One Point Consulting will make new forays into servicing enterprises in Europe with a better range of open source services and a strong team with immense passion and rich skill-sets. It enables us to better fulfill the vision we had for One Point” said Shashin Shah, MD OSSCube UK

About One Point Consulting

One Point Consulting is a premium quality consultancy in the Enterprise Architecture, ECM, Messaging and Collaboration domain in Europe. The core team has expertise and industry best practices developed over a period of 25 years delivery services and solutions to large corporations and SMEs.

About OSSCube

OSSCube is a leading Open Source software development company with expertise in outsourced product development. Headquartered in the US, the company focuses on leveraging the power of open source technologies to deliver business solutions. Our partnerships with the most innovative technology development companies include Zend, MySQL, Ingres, SugarCRM and EnterpriseDB to provide effective, cutting-edge solutions.

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