Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Siwel Consulting Sponsors Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit

This week Siwel Consulting, Inc. provided a glimpse into its industry-leading software asset management solutions as a sponsor of Gartner’s annual IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit in San Diego, CA. This year's summit had at its core three unifying components: financial management, procurement and asset management, which together form the foundation for understanding and managing IT costs. As an industry thought leader in managing software assets, Siwel helps companies manage this major component of IT expense that has increased in complexity with advances in technology and increased pressure from major software vendors.

The impact of effective software asset management on total IT costs cannot be overstated. Software contracts often account for as much as 30% of total IT costs, so negotiating each enterprise agreement has a major impact on the total IT budget. Thorough preparation for a software audit or a thoughtful response to an adverse audit outcome can reduce total audit expense by 30%-70%. And simply optimizing contracts by maximizing license utilization can reduce the cost of licenses and maintenance by 25%-40%.

“Although how an enterprise procures and pays for IT assets clearly have a direct impact on IT costs, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the savings they can realize by more effective management of these assets once they are in place,” said Jason Heckler, Siwel’s Vice President of SAM Services. “Because we have been helping companies manage their software assets for more than 12 years and currently manage a software portfolio worth more than $3 billion through our Managed Services practice, we bring unique and valuable expertise to managing a major component of enterprise IT infrastructure.”

Fortune 1000 clients engage Siwel Consulting to manage their entire SAM program (SAM Managed Services), to create a program that they then implement and manage in-house (SAM Program Development) or to develop negotiation strategies for software contracts, optimize licenses and help them navigate through software audits and challenge costly audit outcomes (Contract Advisory Services).

About Siwel’s Software Asset Management Solutions

Siwel Consulting helps companies realize measurable cost savings by analyzing, strengthening, and building more effective SAM programs. Our experience and expertise in Software Asset Management is unmatched, having delivered SAM outsourcing and consulting services for some of the largest corporations in the world. Siwel currently tracks and manages a client software portfolio valued in excess of $3 billion as part of our SAM Managed Services. Whether we are engaged in a consulting capacity or providing complete outsourced services, Siwel Consulting can help you manage software assets more effectively and efficiently. More information on Siwel’s SAM services is available at http://www.siwel.com/SAM.

About Siwel Consulting

Siwel Consulting Inc. is a woman-owned business founded in 1992. We bring together industry-leading expertise in the three areas that drive IT: Hardware, Software and People. By using the latest technology, effectively managing software licenses and streamlining system management, we can deliver greater efficiencies and savings in each of these areas. For more information on Siwel Consulting visit http://www.siwel.com.

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