Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amadeus Consulting Provides Webosaurs with a One-Stop-Shop for Custom Software Development

Webosaurs is a dinosaur role-playing game kids that allows them to interact with children around the world, play thought-provoking games in a safe environment. Webosaurs came to Amadeus Consulting in order to simplify many of its existing processes and needs. Because the nature of custom software development can be very disparate, Webosaurs was using vendors from all over the world. The company needed to find a one-stop trusted partner that could handle all of its app support needs. Webosaurs found Amadeus Consulting to be that partner, given their extensive technology background.

Specifically, Webosaurs came to Amadeus Consulting to take advantage of its 24x7 application support and maintenance, rich Internet application development and search visibility strategies. Webosaurs had diverse needs to allow for growth as the site went public; and the company realized that the site could grow with Amadeus Consulting.

Because Webosaurs deals particularly with children and their parents, it needed a tailored support package that monitored not only the software, but also the safety of its users. The Webosaurs support project utilized Amadeus Consulting’s 24x7 Support service line, which gave the company’s application centralized, 24-hour support. Webosaurs was particularly impressed with several features of the 24x7 support service line, specifically the intelligent monitoring system. The proactive monitoring system gauges the health of software, and gives the support team early indicators of potential problems. This way, when the early signs arise, the support team can solve them quickly and efficiently.

In addition the 24x7 support and maintenance, Webosaurs was able to leverage Amadeus Consulting’s Creative Services team in order to create custom interactive Flash® graphics and landscapes for the game, that celebrated the upcoming Halloween Holiday. The graphics, created using their Adobe® Flash developers’ expertise, allow Webosaurs’ users a truly interactive experience where they hover over the graphics and watch animated pumpkins and other items within the Webosaurs land.

For the Search Visibility component of Amadeus Consulting’s engagement with Webosaurs, their internal team set up a search visibility and user experience strategy which focused on meeting Webosaurs business goals, particularly around signing up new users. The team also set up Google™ Analytics, which the team maintains for the company. Webosaurs has been extremely pleased with the results from this strategy, having simplified the check-out process for parents, reducing the payment steps from 8 steps to 4 steps. Additionally, the search visibility recommendations helped reconcile for Webosaurs what was happening in the analytics and its own database.

Amadeus Consulting’s relationship with Webosaurs is a testament to their Client for Life philosophy, ensuring that their customers are delivered business-driven results that not only meet, but exceed their expectations. Their team looks forward to ongoing projects with Webosaurs.

About Amadeus Consulting

Amadeus Consulting is a custom software development company dedicated to creating intelligent technology solutions with successful business results. Amadeus Consulting is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner as well as a Silverlight™ Partner, winner of the Microsoft Office XP Challenge, and has Microsoft Partner Competencies in Custom Development, Mobility and Data Management Solutions. The company is an expert in custom software applications such as rich Internet Applications, content management systems, e-commerce, surveys, social networking sites, data collection and management, browser plug-ins, and mobile application development including iPhone™, iPad™, Windows Mobile® and Android™. Amadeus Consulting ranked in the top 25 on the prestigious Mercury 100 list of the fastest-growing private companies in Boulder and Broomfield counties for three consecutive years, and has placed on the Inc. 5000 list for four consecutive years.

About Webosaurs is the only online world Where Kids Rule The Earth™. tells the story of a unique group of dinosaurs - Stretch, Pterry, Horns and Rexxy – the lone survivors of the mass extinction that everyone believed ended dinosaur life on earth. For millions of years, (65 million to be exact), this world has remained undiscovered. Now you have the power to unlock the secrets of Webosaurs Island. When you visit, you will experience an adventure unlike anything else! You can become friends with other Webo-fans from more than 100 countries – and there are always cool new things to see and do in this one-of-a-kind prehistoric world. features customizable, 3D dinosaur avatars, cool gear, customizable caves, virtual pets, quests, safe social networking, action-packed gaming and arcade rooms, quizzes and even exclusive “Webosode” content from international wildlife expert Nigel Marven. And with new landscapes added frequently, the Island is always growing.

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