Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Greg Hoffman Consulting Adopts eSilverBullet Platform for Affiliate Management

Greg Hoffman, owner of GHC, signed up for eSilverBullet when he discovered it on the popular affiliate forum A Best Web. “I like how eSilverBullet will allow me to leverage all of my affiliate relationships on one platform,” he said. “We work with a very diverse list of merchants in the major affiliate networks and I can see this tool as the perfect solution on how to manage the recruiting process.”

eSilverBullet makes it easier for Outsourced Program Managers (OPMs) such as GHC to tailor communications on behalf of specific merchants. All prospect and publisher contact data reside in one system, which GHC can then group by program. So for example, it can send email campaigns to just publishers that run on one program, or recruit applicable publishers running on one program to run on another program.

“We will be categorizing each affiliate and looking for the right matches across the family of programs we manage. If they are a niche affiliate and only prefer one merchant, we can easily mark them to not receive any pitches from us in the future,” said Hoffman.

The eSilverBullet team has looked forward to working with GHC for many months. “Having the opportunity to have met Greg and learn more about GHC has been great,” said Jed Malmberg, Director of Sales at eSilverbullet. “They have been able to drive great results to their clients and bring a knowledge and value to their affiliate channels that is unsurpassed. I am pleased to have been able to support them and bring the benefits of eSilverBullet to their winning strategy.”

About the company

eSilverBullet is a technology startup supported by Grow Utah Ventures. They hope to provide quality software tools and best practices to online marketers. They are based in Ogden, Utah.

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