Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Energy Procurement Consultant BidURenergy, Inc. Launches Free Energy Market Monitoring Service

BidURenergy, Inc (BUE), the fastest growing energy procurement consulting firm in the nation, has announced the launch of their new PriceWatch(C) Service. Both industrial and commercial customers can now take advantage of this service to enable them to be more informed about the energy market.

PriceWatch(C) is offered by BidURenergy to act as an "energy watchdog" of the market. This service, an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars, detects even the slightest movements in the energy market, and sends out automated updates to BidURenergy customers to allow them to react and take advantage of market swings. BidURenergy's analysts review the movement of the market, current and historical market trends, and recent pricing from suppliers on the BidURenergy platform. The PriceWatch(C) system is a means to communicate with BidURenergy customers and suggest possible avenues for taking advantage of the market and hedge against rising rates.

BUE brings a fresh face to the energy marketing business. The company is an innovative energy marketplace that fosters a competitive environment and allows consumers to take advantage of energy deregulation and choose a supplier that fits into their budget. Unlike other consulting firms, BUE's services are free to the consumer, and BUE employs some of the best pricing analysts in the industry to personally dissect each account that joins. BUE analysts are trained in every component that make up an energy rate and all factors that can impact the rates... and when negotiating these rates with energy suppliers, BUE will chip away these rates at every level, leading to a lower final rate.

"It is time for a company to come to the table that is 100% on the customer's side and not merely an agent of the energy suppliers," remarked Glen Smith, President of BUE,"BUE has stepped forward as the advocate for the consumer by ensuring that they will get the best rate available for their electricity and natural gas. The PriceWatch(C) system ensures that our customers are not only getting a good rate, but the absolute best rate, and at the same time are well informed about the movements of the energy markets."

According to a study performed by KEMA, customers that deal directly with a supplier see much higher rates on average than if they bid the accounts out competitively (supplier margins are from 100% to 800% higher in non-competitive situations according to the study). The savings are even greater when an account is part of a much larger network of accounts, like BUE maintains. "Many customers think that by virtue of their size and congenial relationship with their supplier, they are getting a great deal on their gas and electric rates," Smith states, "but when a consumer, even a very large one, is aggregated with thousands upon thousands of like customers, the suppliers understand the significance of their bid and they will always sharpen their pencil. The suppliers do not want to be left out of BUE customer opportunities."

This innovative no-cost, no-obligation service will substantially lower natural gas and electric costs for BUE customers. For more information about BUE's services, contact BidURenergy via phone at 1-877-669-8243, email at or enroll online at

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