Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upstart Business Consulting Group Launches Business Plan E-Newsletter

Upstart Business Consulting Group provides comprehensive business plan books that help individuals start a profitable company with an initial capital requirement of $10,000 or less. Each business plan is researched and written by successful entrepreneurs for products and services across a broad range of industries.

In addition to its successful line of business plan books, Upstart Business Consulting Group is expanding its helpful line of services to include a free monthly e-newsletter. The e-newsletter if full of useful information for upstart entrepreneurs and will include financial, legal, marketing, and business plan writing tips. Additionally, new business plan books will be announced through the e-newsletter.

"In addition to business plan tips, advice, and newsworthy articles, our e-newsletter will also highlight an entrepreneur who started their business by first purchasing our business plan book," says Steven Primm, the co-founder of Upstart Business Consulting Group. "We started this company to help other entrepreneurs start their own small business. By highlighting successful startups, we believe it will inspire others to follow suit."

Signing up for the free e-newsletter is as simple as logging on to Upstart Business Consulting Group's homepage and submitting your name and e-mail address. Kimberly Quon, an Business Plan Associate with Upstart Business Consulting Group, states, "This is going to be a real value-added benefit for those looking to start their own business, especially new entrepreneurs who have never written a business plan before."

As entrepreneurship continues to gain in popularity, the business plans from Upstart Business Consulting Group fill the gap between the entrepreneur's initial idea and actual start-up. Business plans continue to be vital to all businesses, not only as a necessity to obtain financing, but also as a roadmap for future courses of action. In fact, a business is more likely to fail in the first year if the entrepreneur did not write a business plan.

Upstart Business Consulting Group provides much more than a generic business plan. They provide detailed business plan kits, including helpful information from initial start-up to daily operations, for many businesses in various industries. In addition to selling business plan books, Upstart Business Consulting Group also provides free business templates and free small business consulting advice.

Upstart Business Consulting Group currently has over 90 different business plan books published and selling on Amazon.com, Target.com, and other retail outlets.

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