Monday, September 14, 2009

Career Partners International - Houston Partners with SuccessFactors "Moving Mountains"

Career Partners International - Houston, a talent management consulting firm in Houston and Austin now represents SuccessFactors to organizations, offering their top rated and comprehensive online talent management software ( product for enhanced business execution. On September 15, 2009 (11:30am - 1:30pm) at The Houstonian Tim Hughes, Alliance Manager with SuccessFactors, will present research on results of companies who have implemented SuccessFactors as well as the benefits and features of the product.

SuccessFactors, Inc., the global leader in on-demand performance and talent management solutions, enjoys relationships with customers in 61 verticals, 185 countries, and offers product in 31 global languages. Career Partners International is the fastest growing and one of the leading global talent management consulting firms with over 60 partners in 23 countries and 160 locations.

Sheryl Dawson, CEO shared, "CPI Houston is excited to add this top rated product to its portfolio of products and services to meet organizations' talent management ( needs."

SuccessFactors' modules address every facet of the talent solutions CPI Houston offers companies including assessing, selecting, developing and transitioning talent for bottom line success and a competitive advantage.

"SuccessFactors is tackling one of the great problems any business faces around the globe today - helping your most important asset, your people, to fully realize their capabilities and potential," said Hughes.

Given the broad customer base, in large, medium and small business globally, SuccessFactors' solutions are delivering great value: "strategic ways to take actions that drive superior business results". As the research presented in "Moving Mountains" demonstrates, companies using SuccessFactors have improved execution through better communication of goals, faster goal setting, increased time spent on strategic priorities, and enhanced project completion. Since execution explains 85% of financial results, those improvements translate to the bottom line. Increased productivity in the study was measured by a significant reduction in low performers and an even larger increase in high performers.

Hughes shared, "Productivity improvement averaged 2.92%, with strategic change providing the most significant impact."

Mike McKee, President of CPI Houston, stated, "Using performance and talent management software to align, arm and incite your workforce to drive strategy execution is a business imperative. By putting the right talent in the right positions and providing your managers and executives with real time visibility to track, measure and influence individual performance, you can maximize the contribution of your talent investment."

Dawson added, "A 2% top line increase goes straight to your bottom line while saving money on improved efficiencies. In tough economic times, this is not only good for your shareholders, but for your customers and your employees."

"With today's laser focus on operational effectiveness and employee retention, this is a right-now solution for organizations seeking a competitive edge," emphasized Dawson.

About SuccessFactors, Inc.

SuccessFactors is one of the fastest growing public software companies and the leading provider of on-demand employee performance and talent management solutions. The company enables organizations of every size, and across every industry and geography, to achieve high-performing workforces through goal alignment and execution, talent development and planning, and pay-for-performance initiatives. From 92 customers and approximately 282,000 end users in 2003 to more than 2,600 customers and 4.5 million end users today, SuccessFactors' solutions are widely deployed across 60 industries in over 185 countries in 31 languages. Founded in 2001 with offices around the world, the company employs passionate people focused on revolutionizing the future of work. For more information, visit:

About Career Partners International

Houston Career Partners International defines the world-class standard for talent management. CPI has more than 160 locations in over 23 countries, smoothing the way for business and career transitions - from formulating improved recruitment and performance planning strategies, developing new leadership through executive coaching and training, to providing best-in-class transition services. CPI's assessment and e-learning solutions cost effectively support employees in learning core skills, expanding professional and leadership competencies, and enhancing outplacement candidates' marketability. CPI Houston has a 25 year track record of success in Houston and Austin facilitating talent management optimization. Their partnership with SuccessFactors enhances their ability to meet the needs of client companies, positioning the firm as one of the leading talent management consulting practices in Houston and Austin. For more information, visit:

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