Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mercer’s UK Investment Consulting Business Goes Live with Vermilion Reporting Suite

Vermilion Software is pleased to announce the successful implementation of Vermilion Reporting Suite (VRS) within Mercer’s UK investment consulting business. VRS is being used to produce informative and comprehensive investment performance monitoring reports to meet the needs of Mercer’s UK client base. The VRS reports provide detailed investment performance analysis, asset allocation and risk characteristics for the clients’ fund line-up.

The suite has been designed to work alongside Mercer’s other proprietary tools, enabling the efficient flow of investment manager information, data and research between systems. The system’s analytics are complemented with qualitative views from Mercer’s global manager research boutiques.

Vermilion designed and implemented the dedicated calculations system and data warehouse, whilst the core VRS product is being used for reporting and workflow.

Fiona Dunsire, Senior Partner at Mercer, commented “This was always going to be a challenging project to implement, and this is why we selected Vermilion. The whole project team was very diligent and supportive throughout the implementation process and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. Our new solution will ensure we continue to deliver high-quality reporting to our clients and efficiencies throughout Mercer.”

“No other performance solution existed for the Investment Consultant market. This is a level above the standard portfolio transactions and holdings performance calculations that we usually see from asset management performance solutions and we needed to design this highly flexible calculation system to fit seamlessly with VRS. The team devised a world class solution here and although it meant we had to go the extra mile, it was important to focus on delivering only the best.” added Alan Beer, Operations Director and Head of Implementations at Vermilion.

Sales and Marketing Director, Simon Cornwell summed up by saying: “The complex requirements that we have delivered truly reflect the ability of Vermilion Software, and the flexibility of the Vermilion Reporting Suite (VRS). The dedication shown throughout the implementation proves the importance of selecting the right partner when delivering complex Client Communication projects, and this is why Vermilion is consistently being selected.”

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