Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Risk International Opens Asia Office, Adds New Facility Risk Management Services

Risk International, a leading risk management consulting company, has opened its first Asian office. The new office in Singapore is the firm’s second new international location in the last 18 months. Their London office opened in March 2010.

“As our clients have growing needs in Asia, we continue to grow with them,” said Michael Davis, Risk International President and CEO. “Since 20 percent of our clients’ production and processes are in Asia, it makes sense for us to expand our presence there. As China rapidly expands, its manufacturing cost structure is approaching Western levels. Many companies are now looking to Southeast Asia — instead of China — to produce products at a lower cost. It’s definitely the place to be, and Singapore is the hub.”

Risk International’s Singapore office will provide the company’s full suite of risk management consulting, outsourced risk management, claims mitigation, loss prevention, claims recovery and due diligence services. Risk International also will offer new facility risk management and site security services from its Singapore location. These services help global customers manage unfamiliar risks arising in Asia’s developing economies.

“We’re excited to offer site security services to customers in Southeast Asia and all over the world,” said Doug Talley, Risk International Chairman. “There is a $180 billion global market for these services, and this underserved area of the world provides a great launch point for our newest service offering.”

Facility risk management specializes in the mitigation of losses to physical infrastructure and assets, such as buildings and employees. The service can include broad assessments of national and political risks and their potential effect on assets, as well as local assessments of a facility’s relationship with its community.

“We can suggest various ways to minimize risks to corporate assets,” said Mr. Davis. “Maybe it’s as easy as hosting an event to build goodwill with the local community. Or, in another instance, crafting a different name for the entity might be advisable. We can typically assess a plant in a day or two and provide meaningful advice at a great value.”

Erick Schirmer named head of Risk International Singapore

To drive efforts in Asia, Risk International has welcomed Erick Schirmer as head of the new Singapore office.

Since 2001, Mr. Schirmer has lived and worked in Asia. He has consulted with numerous multinational companies on challenges of the dynamic, yet unpredictable, Asian markets. Mr. Schirmer has provided clients business intelligence and due diligence, political and security risk analysis, business ethics and anti-corruption, business continuity, crisis management and brand protection/anti-counterfeiting services throughout his career.

“Erick brings to Risk International experience in assessing risks such as flood, earthquake, unrest and other issues facing the area and firsthand knowledge of Southeast Asian culture,” said Mr. Davis.

“Asian markets are fast-growing, but sometimes uncertain,” said Mr. Schirmer. “From our new Singapore office, Risk International is well positioned to help companies identify risks to their business, develop a plan to manage and mitigate them and prepare to take full advantage of business opportunities in Asia.”

About Risk International

Risk International is a leading risk management consulting company with total outsourcing, insurance claim recovery and missing policy research capabilities. It serves clients worldwide, collaborating with them to improve risk management practices, reduce the total cost of risk and realize competitive advantages inherent in well-managed risk.

One of the top three risk management consulting companies in the U.S., according to Business Insurance magazine, Risk International is a 4-year recipient of the magazine’s Silver Circle Award for service, value, quality and innovation.

Founded in 1986, Risk International is headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio, with offices in Charlotte, London and Singapore. The firm has been named one of the Weatherhead 100 fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio.

For more information, see http://www.riskinternational.com/about.htm.

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