Thursday, March 3, 2011

Executives Network Encourages Executives In Transition to Offer Consulting Services

While economists are cautiously optimistic about an economic turnaround, unemployment remains high. According to Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke, the U.S. unemployment rate will take years to drop. As a result, many unemployed professionals are finding themselves out of work longer than ever before. One way for unemployed executives to maintain an income and continue learning new skills is to do consulting. This has prompted Executives Network, a national, high-level peer-networking organization for executives, to create the “Selling Consulting Services While in Transition” program. This consulting training program officially launches in March.

“We're very excited about this program and truly believe it will make a very positive impact on executives in transition who want to turn their knowledge and skills into cash while between jobs,” said Executives Network President Molly Wendell, who adds the program is not intended for people who want to be full-time consultants.

There are a number of benefits for selling consulting services while waiting to land a new position. Wendell says it demonstrates to potential employers you’re proactive, keeps your professional skills sharp, provides an opportunity to learn new skills that can make you more marketable, enhances your resume with new accomplishments, eliminates gaps in your employment, and grows your list of references.

John Coyne, CEO of business consulting firm Pivot Business Resources, is providing the training for this program. Coyne has taken training modules he’s previously designed for business owners and adapted them to those looking to temporarily sell consulting services while they’re seeking employment.

“I teach people how to turn their knowledge and skills into a personal marketing strategy and a sales action plan so they can keep generating income while in transition,” said Coyne.

Participants in Executives Network’s program are required to attend Coyne’s six, one-hour webinar training sessions to learn the process of formulating and selling consulting services. The next webinar is scheduled March 21, with free informational webinars on March 11 and 15. Some of the topics covered included understanding why selling consulting services is different than looking for a job, creating a personal marketing strategy to articulate how you can help prospects solve their problems, how to build a professional referral network using the resources of Executives Network, building an ROI-based proposal that a prospect can’t refuse, and handling common objections.

The program features executives from various geographies, industries and functional disciplines, says Wendell.

About Executives Network

Executives Network is a national peer-networking resource exclusively for executives. It owns three subsidiaries: CXO, EXO and XTB (Executive Talent Board). CXO and EXO provide a forum for employed senior executives to network, share ideas, discuss issues of importance to members, and develop relationships. XTB is for director, VP and C-level executives in transition. Through monthly networking meetings, industry specific teleconferences and exclusive access to a proprietary database of professionals nationwide, this group has helped thousands of executives land new positions. Executives Network, established in 2001, is headquartered in Denver, CO. For more information, visit

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