Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Verras Consulting Partners With Arizona State University to Bring Innovation Leadership Certificate Program to Healthcare Leaders

Verras Consulting today announced it has been licensed to deliver a new and transformational program developed by the Arizona State University (ASU) College of Nursing & Health Innovation. The initiative, known as the Innovation Leadership Certificate Program (ILCP) for Healthcare Leadership, is designed to help executives and other leaders in healthcare organizations address critical challenges through the development of creative and action-oriented problem solving.

ILCP is a non-credit program that can produce measurable impact on strategic initiatives, employee engagement and team effectiveness. As an action-oriented effort, its goal is to help organizations develop groundbreaking process changes, navigate change, and overcome implementation barriers.

According to Kelly E. Styles, President of Verras Consulting, innovative leadership and creative strategies are exactly what is needed to act on the implications of healthcare reform and to begin early adoption of leadership, operational and strategic initiatives. "It is Verras Consulting's goal to help organizations successfully integrate clinical and operational systems that will facilitate improvement in quality and efficiency of care. Our new partnership with Arizona State University and the ILCP greatly enhance our ability to do that," he said.

The non-credit Innovation Leadership Certificate Program involves a leadership briefing, individual participant conversations, four onsite team sessions and coaching between sessions. The content of the program consists of sound theoretical grounding in the principles of innovation leadership, innovation projects with measurable goals, and the learning that comes from bumping up against reality when leading and implementing innovation.

The benefits of the Innovation Leadership Certificate Program include:

  • Introducing participants to the concepts of innovation and strengthening the mindset needed to successfully lead innovation.
  • Providing the tools and skills necessary to support advanced performance.
  • Strengthening the organization's long-term capability to innovate using practical applications of innovation leadership.
  • Producing measureable impact through outcome focused projects in strategic initiatives, employee engagement, and team effectiveness.
Arizona State University is considered one of the most innovative healthcare and health promotion colleges in the country. The university has been named one of the top "2011 Up-and-Comers" among national universities in the 2011 Best Colleges guidebook by U.S. News & World Report, ranking second in that category.

ASU's College of Nursing & Health Innovation, a leader in evidence-based practice, is the home of the interprofessional Master of Healthcare Innovation program.

For more information about ILCP, including the scheduling of programs at local facilities, visit

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