Tuesday, February 15, 2011

IT Consulting Company Announces New Cost Saving Solutions

Decision Consultants, Inc. (DCI), an IT consulting company with offices in Arizona, Colorado, Southern Nevada, and Southern California has announced the next phase of cost saving solutions for small and medium businesses. As pressure builds for IT departments to reduce costs as much as possible, DCI is delivering multi-faceted IT consulting strategies which allow small and medium businesses to operate at their highest level of efficiency while taking advantage of the best opportunities for growth.

DCI’s IT consulting professionals team with their Microsoft and Cisco certified consultants to define customized solutions which reduce costs by simplifying operations as well as by eliminating redundancies found across the infrastructure of the enterprise. These efficiencies are always put in place with an eye on achieving company objectives. The strategies designed to achieve both efficiency and growth objectives are supported by DCI’s full range of resources, hands on guidance, and a full roster of trusted partners.

All of DCI’s IT consulting solutions are integrated to build dynamic systems which can be scaled quickly to compensate for anything that might occur during a business cycle. This agility can make all the difference when a small or medium sized business has to react to either a huge opportunity or a downturn in business activity.

The advantages of DCI’s IT consulting solutions for small businesses include:

  • DCI brings accessibility to the best tools and resources available for small businesses at affordable prices.
  • Access to customized solutions that a small and/or freelance IT consulting company cannot deliver.
  • The opportunity to start with an IT infrastructure that can easily grow with a small company. This eliminates the need for lengthy and costly system overhauls just as a business starts to grow.
  • Outsourcing IT needs, which can both save money and improve all aspects of a company’s IT work.

Advantages of DCI’s IT consulting capabilities for medium sized businesses include:

  • A cost structure that provides large enterprise consulting services at prices a medium sized business can afford
  • Consistent network support. The complexity of business networks often increases to the point where maintenance consumes in-house IT. Just staying on top of problems can be full time work, even without adding a single upgrade. DCI can provide network support, which enables in-house IT to focus on optimizing its network.
  • DCI’s Microsoft and Cisco certified consultants provide the solutions, meaning that management can focus on growing the business.

DCI is an IT consulting company that offers next generation solutions normally affordable for only large enterprises. These new solutions for small to medium businesses are customized to enable resources and energy to be re-focused toward increasing revenues and achieving company objectives.

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