Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Sync Consulting Reaches 10-Year Anniversary Milestone

In Sync Consulting, an international executive coaching and team leadership development firm founded by Suzanne Weinstein, has reached its 10-year anniversary milestone, having served more than 400 individuals and organizations to date. The firm, best known for leveraging its Weinstein Factor process, guarantees results in 90 days, whether an organization is looking to improve employee productivity or morale, increase revenues and reduce costs, or develop dynamic team leadership.

“Our 10-year history is evidence of the continuing need for business coaching and consulting services, particularly during times of economic hardship and change,” said Suzanne Weinstein, president, In Sync Consulting. “Every organization can benefit from improved employee morale, productivity, innovation and retention and, at In Sync Consulting, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results every step of the way. Our vision is to change the world by helping business professionals learn how Living In Sync empowers them to be their most authentic selves, increase awareness and consciousness, and positively change their lives, and the lives of their team members.”

Over the past 10 years, In Sync Consulting has helped clients all over the world develop effective cost reduction and avoidance strategies. These strategies have resulted in reducing overtime by up to 75 percent (75%) by year-end and sick leave by 36 percent (36%), resulting in an average return on investment of more than $150,000. In Sync Consulting’s proven techniques have enabled clients to achieve an average turnover rate of less than eight percent (8%), a 64 percent (64%) reduction in the organization average of 22 percent (22%).

In Sync Consulting leverages the Weinstein Factor process to guarantee results in 90 days. The firm’s services include speaking engagements, executive coaching, team leadership development, conflict management, holistic organizational development and time management. Results include increased productivity, profit and competitiveness; implementation of effective strategic plans; creation of a trusting, supportive work culture; improved staff performance, motivation and retention; increased staff innovation and effectiveness; establishment of a more effective work/life balance; and improved management of change and stress.

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About In Sync Consulting

Founded in 2001 by international consultant Suzanne Weinstein, In Sync Consulting is an international executive coaching and dynamic team leadership development firm. Leveraging the Weinstein Factor process, In Sync Consulting guarantees positive change in 90 days. For more information, visit

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