Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Huron Consulting Group Launches Sp3ctrum™

Huron Consulting Group (NASDAQ: HURN), a leading provider of business consulting services, today announced the launch of the Company’s Sp3ctrum™ (pronounced spectrum) solution. Sp3ctrum is a comprehensive managed services offering designed to help corporate law department and law firm clients solve their unique discovery needs for a fixed, predictable cost, while significantly reducing up-front investments.

Huron’s Sp3ctrum solution enables organizations to reduce their discovery-related capital and support expenses, in spite of the variability in demand associated with discovery tasks, by leveraging Huron’s scalable infrastructure of people, process, and technology. With its Sp3ctrum offering, Huron will provide and manage the infrastructure and process associated with various aspects of discovery—including preservation, collection, processing, hosting, review, and production. Most importantly, Sp3ctrum is a flexible solution. Each Sp3ctrum project is customized to the strategic and cultural needs of an organization, its docket, and its relationships with outside legal counsel and service providers.

“The Sp3ctrum offering lets our clients realize the better visibility, greater security, and lower costs of an in-house discovery program without the challenges that fluctuating demand places on staffing levels and technology investments,” said Shahzad Bashir, vice president, Huron Legal. “Our Sp3ctrum managed services offering allows clients to have qualified discovery personnel using proven tools in a well-defined process at a predictable cost. These abilities, along with our experience, make Huron the perfect managed services partner for the legal industry.”

As a managed services offering, the Sp3ctrum solution provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost. Sp3ctrum allows Huron to manage and administer various aspects of the discovery process, thus reducing technology and operating costs.
  • Reliable performance. Once an operating model is defined and performance levels agreed upon, Huron is able to deliver results regardless of caseload or volume of documents.
  • Predictable budgeting. Sp3ctrum’s subscription-based pricing model means clients pay only a flat monthly fee. No large, initial capital investment is required.
  • Flexibility. The Sp3ctrum solution can augment the client’s existing structure through staffing, experience, and technology, or it can be an entirely turnkey solution. Either way, clients pay only for those discovery services they need.
  • Project management. The Sp3ctrum offering places day-to-day management of discovery services in the hands of professionals who understand the technology, processes, and defensibility required in litigation, regulatory, and investigative matters.

“While the concept of managed services is well understood in areas such as information technology and logistics, the model is less common to legal,” said James Zinn, managing director and head of Huron Legal’s managed services solutions. “Typical of a managed services solution, Huron’s Sp3ctrum offering includes the staffing and technology necessary to provide the agreed-upon services at an acceptable performance level for a fixed monthly cost. This model works equally well enterprise-wide or in support of a large litigation or investigation and as part of an organization’s outside counsel partnering program.”

With the Sp3ctrum managed services offering, Huron assists clients in arriving at a solution to improve the business value of the discovery process. Huron experts partner with clients from the outset to determine the current state of their discovery process. Together they determine if gaps should be filled by creating or augmenting an entirely internal discovery operation or by tailoring a Sp3ctrum offering for some or all of the process. Sp3ctrum gives clients control of a discovery framework that adapts to changes in their business and the technology that supports it, and enables them to manage the costs of discovery.

Huron’s Sp3ctrum solution fits seamlessly with the Company’s V3locity®, IMPACT™ and R3con™ legal business consulting solutions. Learn more about Sp3ctrum at www.huronconsultinggroup.com/sp3ctrum or at LegalTech NewYork at Booth #2300 from January 31 to February 2, 2011.

About Huron Legal

Huron Legal provides advisory and business services to assist law departments and law firms to enhance organizational effectiveness and reduce legal spend. Huron Legal advises on and implements strategy, organizational design and development, outside counsel management, operational efficiency, and discovery solutions, and provides services relating to the management of matters, contracts, documents, records, digital evidence and e-discovery.

Learn more about: Huron’s IMPACT™ solution, which delivers sustainable cost reductions ranging from 15 to 40 percent; R3con™ solution, a cost-effective forensic investigation solution to protect enterprise data; Sp3ctrum™ solution, a managed services discovery solution; and V3locity® solution, offering a streamlined e-discovery process that results in predictable discovery costs.

About Huron Consulting Group

Huron Consulting Group helps clients in diverse industries improve performance, comply with complex regulations, reduce costs, recover from distress, leverage technology, and stimulate growth. The Company teams with its clients to deliver sustainable and measurable results. Huron provides services to a wide variety of both financially sound and distressed organizations, including leading academic institutions, healthcare organizations, Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses, and the law firms that represent these various organizations. Learn more at www.huronconsultinggroup.com.

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