Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Siegfried Gramatzki Opens Business Consulting Office in Los Angeles

Siegfried Gramatzki, a renown New York business consultant, has opened a new west coast based consulting office in Los Angeles, CA. The new office is the first west coast based location that Siegfried Gramatzki has operated.

"I am very excited to bring operations to the west coast, we have several clients on the west coast and this will help us to serve them better," explains Siegfried Gramatzki.

Gramatzki has been featured on many television business shows, and is very well known in the consulting industry. His New York office was opened in 1996, and will remain as the consulting agency's main headquarters.

The Los Angeles office will serve Gramatzki's west coast clients, and will seek to obtain a larger share of the west coast market. "It is important to make yourself easily accessible to your clients in the business consulting industry," says Siegfried Gramatzki.

For more information on Siegfried Gramatzki's consulting services please visit http://www.siegfriedgramatzki.org.

About Siegfried Gramatzki

Siegfried Gramatzki is a business consultant with years of experience in the consulting industry. Gramatzki has been featured on many business shows and publications, and represents many fortune 500 companies. Siegfried Gramatzki operates an office in New York, NY, and has just recently opened a west coast office in Los Angeles, CA.

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