Thursday, December 23, 2010

Soliant Consulting Launches Revolutionary Productivity App

Soliant Consulting, Inc. today announced the launch of BORDS™, a unique mobile creative-productivity application for the Apple iPad. BORDS is the first foray into the consumer mobile app market for Soliant, a leading developer of customized software for business improvement and workgroup collaboration.

Unlike other apps on the market, BORDS fosters both creativity and organization in a way that is intuitive on a completely personal level to the user. With whiteboard and sticky note functionality combined, BORDS brings organization to the creative process, while also introducing a creative touch to any organization project.

"One of the critical things we've witnessed consistently over the years in our collaborative development process is how individuals approach brainstorming differently," said Scott Love, Soliant Consulting's chief operating officer. "BORDS grew out of the idea that everyone should have the ability to maximize their creative energy and do it in an organized fashion. We couldn't be more thrilled with how BORDS delivers against that original insight while leveraging the strengths of the iPad platform."

Productivity apps are growing in popularity and several offerings are available featuring either whiteboard functions or sticky note functions. BORDS, for the first time, brings those functions together, in essence, establishing a new app category: creative productivity.

During the development of BORDS, Soliant took great care to imbed functions that mimic how sticky notes and whiteboards are used in real life, while also compensating for their limitations. Here are just a few of the many unique actions that BORDS enables:

  • Write, Stack & Search Notes-Not only does BORDS allow you to write notes featuring different styles and colors, but it also allows you to group your notes in organized stacks and retrieve them easily for review. Unlike popular sticky note applications, BORDS gives you infinite note-writing capabilities due to its organizing functions.
  • Freestyle Drawing, Freestyle Thinking-BORDS taps the inherent simplicity of the iPad and makes whiteboard-style brainstorming easy and productive. When combined with note writing, stacking and template functions, BORDS unleashes your ability to think, create and organize without boundaries.
  • Create Without the Shackles of a Computer-BORDS makes a wide variety of objects and shapes readily available to you to manipulate in any way you can imagine. Lines with end points, perfect circles, triangles and more can be drawn impeccably so BORDS lets your ideas look just as perfect on your iPad as they do in your head.
  • Email as PDF or Image-BORDS allows you to share your documents with others, and in version 1.1 will support printing as well.

BORDS will sell for $4.99 and is available exclusively through the Apple App Store (

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