Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vergis Consulting Makes Its Debut

Vergis Consulting LLC, a boutique search firm founded in 2010, makes its debut with the hope of changing the way executive recruitment is conducted in the non-profit sector, focusing primarily on smaller organizations that do not have the resources to afford high-priced consultancies to help them recruit top-level executives to their organizations.

With over fifteen years of experience in the non-profit sector, both as a fundraiser and an executive search consultant, Ebby Geevarghese, President of Vergis Consulting, is trying an approach that has gone out of vogue and is rarely used in search these days. According to him, “the ubiquity of technology, social networking sites and new austerity measures taken by companies to save money and stay afloat have permeated into the world of executive search, compelling them to cut corners at every turn.”

The Chinese proverb, “many a false step is made by standing still,” resonates deeply with Mr. Geevarghese who claims that more often that not, search firms nowadays are in the business of playing it safe by carefully placing ads online and crossing their fingers, hoping that stellar candidates will fall into their laps. “I thought that I would try and conduct search the old fashioned way, by actually picking up the phone and reaching out to people and talking to them directly, a personal touch that is missing in today’s fast-paced online-obsessed economy,” says Mr. Geevarghese.

Clients have been impressed by his old fashioned approach, pointing out the speed and efficiency with which Vergis Consulting was able to attract qualified candidates. “I was very pleased with the level of personalized service and transparency which Mr. Geevarghese offered us and how quickly he found our Development Director,” says Judith Kahan, CEO at the Center Against Domestic Violence, based in Brooklyn, New York. According to Ms. Kahan, “I liked the fact that I was dealing directly with the President of the company. I liked the idea that if I had a problem, I could call him directly instead of dealing with a lower level associate at a larger firm, who in all likelihood would have been given the responsibility of managing our search.”

Vergis Consulting offers free consultations to non-profit organizations that are entertaining the possibility of hiring a search firm but don’t really know what to look for and what criteria to use to determine how to go about making that decision. “You don’t have to hire us,” says Mr. Geevarghese, “but it is a good idea to know what your options are and how different firms operate before making that investment.”

About Vergis Consulting LLC

Vergis Consulting LLC is a retained full-service executive search firm that specializes in recruiting senior level fundraisers and administrators to social services, advocacy, healthcare, environmental, educational, cultural and arts organizations.

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