Friday, September 17, 2010

International law firm Eversheds launches new legal management consultancy

International law firm Eversheds has launched a new legal management consultancy service, Eversheds Consulting. At a time when it is increasingly difficult to secure growth, Eversheds has been investigating and discussing with clients their future needs and as a result has identified a need for legal management consultancy services.

Eversheds Consulting is a stand alone legal consultancy offering, working with international in-house legal teams to advise on how to manage their legal function more efficiently. Eversheds Consulting will offer services in areas crucial to legal teams including compliance, records management and dealing with legal suppliers as well as providing teams with experts, tools, frameworks and approaches to tackle challenges.

Using practical knowledge and a thorough understanding of the global legal market, Eversheds has developed this product while working with legal departments of companies such as Tyco, FMC and DuPont to deliver cost and risk control. The Eversheds Consulting team will be led by partner Graham Richardson and will be made up of legal experts and management consultants.

Chief executive Bryan Hughes comments:

“By listening and responding to our clients needs, we have developed Eversheds Consulting to help legal teams at global companies adapt to a changing international business landscape. Current marketing conditions are placing continually greater demands on in-house teams to deliver cost and risk control and our recent 21st Century Law Firm research found in-house counsel are taking a more important commercial role within their companies.

“We have a great track record of working with international companies to help their legal departments address global issues and this experience has allowed us to set a precedent in the legal industry by providing a bespoke consultancy offering. Eversheds Consulting has recognised the demand for innovative, quality client services, and is helping in-house teams to meet the challenges set by global market place.”

Eversheds Consulting will be working with clients across the world and is a fully chargeable service. The benefits of this service to in-house teams include helping them to deliver greater efficiency, cost and risk control, allow them to demonstrate real benefits to their businesses, and implement better processes and budgeting.

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