Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vendor Compliance Federation Announces Creation of VCF Advisors™ to Provide Consulting Services to Retailers and Suppliers

The Vendor Compliance Federation (VCF), today announced the launch of VCF Advisors, the consulting arm of the VCF designed to serve both the Retailer and Supplier communities.

The Vendor Compliance Federation's mission is to foster an environment in which retailers, suppliers, and service providers can work together to improve their businesses, ultimately providing the consumer with the best product at the best value. In today’s challenging business climate, Partner Collaboration is now more important than ever. “Taking our mission to the next level, we have created VCF Advisors, to offer extensive, first-hand knowledge of operations, strategy and process improvements for the industry,” said VCF Founder and Chairman Kim Zablocky. “During these challenging times, our members look to us for even greater levels of service and support. By adding management consulting services to our existing offerings, we can leverage our unique position to provide strategic and operational solutions to retailers and their trading partners.”

Performance roadblocks affect both buyer and seller, impacting sales, profits and the ability to get merchandise to the consumer. Highly experienced in retail, supplier and supply chain operations, VCF Advisors can guide clients to improve business processes and procedures such as ASN and EDI Compliance and Accuracy, developing Performance Scorecards, innovative technology solutions, managing Partner Contract Negotiations, and creating end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility. VCF Advisors can also provide best practice solutions for performance standards deployment, vendor managed inventory programs, supplier training, chargeback mitigation programs, partner collaboration facilitation, global trade compliance, lean inventory management, and billing accuracy.

With a commitment to demonstrate delivered value to its members, VCF Advisors is offering free, no obligation initial consultations to identify and quantify improvement opportunities.

About VCF

VCF is a leader in Retail and Vendor best practice solutions for supplier-retailer collaboration and is an advocate for retailer-supplier trading synchronization. VCF champions initiatives to increase strategic industry-wide productivity, profitability and growth, and serves a multitude of touch points in perfecting retailer-supplier execution to shorten cycle times and drive overall velocity in the supply chain. VCF draws participation from the Nations' leading retailers and suppliers.

VCF offers industry solutions through educational conferences, workshops, and seminars, web-based portal and contact registry tools, strategic research and advisory services, publications, benchmarking studies, and other valuable resources. More information can be found at

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