Wednesday, July 28, 2010

St. Charles Consulting Group Launches Virtual Classroom Service for U.S. Accounting Firms

The St. Charles Consulting Group brings its proven CPE expertise to live classroom training on the web, delivering key benefits to clients:

  • Up to 75% savings over traditional classroom training
  • Accelerated content delivery and expanded reach
  • Reduced professional time away from clients
  • Employees engaged in timely, relevant learning
  • Opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing
  • On-demand learning through program rebroadcasts

St. Charles virtual classroom programs bring learners together online in a shared web-browser window, running audio and video along with presentation slides. When well designed, virtual classroom programs (also called webcasts and webinars) provide an interactive experience where learners can electronically “raise their hands,” react to surveys and polls, post online questions for presenters, and access handouts and other learning resources. The programs are designed to meet all CPE standards.

St. Charles partners with client firms to create virtual classroom programs with the latest content, instructional approaches, and webcast technology. “We complement what the client brings to the table,” according to St. Charles’ managing partner, Phil Davis. “As in most things related to training, one size does not fit all, and it is important to customize the solution to the specific needs of each firm.” Davis noted that, if an accounting firm does not already have a webcast delivery platform, St. Charles can deploy a state-of-the-art tool that has been endorsed by NASBA to meet all CPE requirements.

“In the current business environment,” in Davis’ view, “accounting firms can’t afford to sacrifice the quality of training. But, at the same time, they also can’t afford to train in the resource-intensive ways of the past. Virtual classrooms offer the best of both worlds – quality training at a manageable cost.”

St. Charles assigns top industry talent with skill sets as needed to steer accounting firm clients through any and all aspects of virtual classroom program design, development, and delivery.

About the St. Charles Consulting Group

The St. Charles Consulting Group is known for its expertise in providing innovative and highly effective learning solutions. The firm, based in St. Charles, Illinois, is rooted in Arthur Andersen’s “gold standard” training organization. It was founded in 2002 by two former Arthur Andersen partners who held global leadership roles.

St. Charles operates out of 3 locations – St. Charles, Dallas, and San Francisco. It currently has 4 partners, 35 fulltime personnel, and a network of over 200 consultants and 250 executive coaches. Over half of its consultants are experts in the field of learning, including learning strategy, curriculum development, instructional design, eLearning production, and program delivery. St. Charles is also deeply skilled in organization development, knowledge services, and workforce planning.

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