Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strategic Risk Management Partners Launches Credit Risk Management Advisory Service for C-level Executives

Strategic Risk Management Partners (SRM), led by former Global Credit Services Chief Executive Officer, Gerald R Delisle, announces the formation of an independent credit risk management consulting firm specializing in Credit Policy Advisory Services.

"The new paradigm for Credit Risk Management requires senior executives to be more involved in the process of developing the firm's Master Credit Policy," Delisle says. 'All senior executives including the Board of Directors have a stake in better understanding and controlling corporate credit risk for all their counterparty relationships. These mission-critical relationships expose the company to unknown levels of risk that should be evaluated and understood for the long term survival of the firm."

Delisle believes the lack of good credit policy to clarify organizations' tolerance for risk caused many executives to be caught off guard when their organizations suffered significant if not devastating losses. According to Delisle the recent uptick in bankruptcies this year is likely to exacerbate credit losses for the foreseeable future.

A recognized leader and innovator in the credit risk management business, Delisle transformed and diversified GCS from its legacy business information service into a high-value proposition oriented company.

' Our unique process ARC (Automated Risk Control) is a proprietary strategy that streamlines credit risk evaluation methods by automating virtually 100% of the quantitative factors required in the credit review process, ' Delisle said. ' ARC introduces a layer of qualitative factors, as well, that are company-centric to ensure good credit quality.'

Strategic Risk Management Partners LLC

SRM is an independent credit risk management consulting firm that specializes in Credit Policy Advisory Services. Our consultants address everything from supply chain management to counterparty credit risk assessment. Our holistic approach evaluates all existing policies and systems within an organization and views all strategic relationships as an intricate part in the understanding of organizational credit risk. SRM consultants also evaluate third party software and services to give management the benefit of an independent evaluation process before engaging multi-year projects with associated cost that could reach into the multi-millions of dollars.

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