Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Software Engineering Firm Creates New Scholarships

Software Engineering has created two new scholarships for students enrolled in the (UMD) Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering programs. Students graduating from Minnesota and Wisconsin high schools are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Both scholarships are available to students of all income levels.

President Keith Erickson remarked, "Graduates from UMD's high quality programs are critical to our future growth and success. Supporting these students and programs is a meaningful way for us to show our appreciation."

Saturn Systems has been experiencing growth of 25% annually and graduates from these programs represent the future for Saturn and other regional businesses seeking quality IT services.

Saturn Systems relies heavily on the three local universities to provide a strong talent pool for its Rural Outsourcing business model. Rural outsourcing, also known as onshoring or domestic outsourcing, is a growing trend in the Information Technology industry. Tools and infrastructure for working over distance have improved dramatically in recent years, making the location of IT workers less relevant. Lower costs, better communications and ease of management have made Rural Outsourcing an attractive alternative over metro and offshore services.

About Saturn Systems

Saturn Systems, Inc. was founded in 1990 in Duluth, Minnesota. Saturn Systems is a Software Engineering and Information Technology firm that specializes in helping businesses, organizations and government agencies solve complex IT challenges through innovative, cost effective and scalable software solutions. Through its Outsource to America model, Saturn Systems has been on the cutting edge of a growing IT trend called Rural Outsourcing. Saturn Systems is also a Small Business Administration HUBZone certified company, and maintains a branch office in Charleston, South Carolina providing services to the Federal Government.

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