Thursday, September 17, 2009

SEG Software and CTS-Consulting Announce Partnership

SEG Software (SEG) and CTS-Consulting Group today announced a strategic partnership designed to leverage their combined core competencies to help life insurance and annuity companies successfully implement SEG’s policy administration software package. With insurers focused on reducing policy administration costs, the growing trend to replace out-of-date legacy administration systems translates to new opportunity for the SEG policy administration system coupled with the implementation services of CTS-Consulting.

Ric Young, SEG’s Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, commented, “There are quite a good number of life and annuity insurers actively looking for a new policy administration to replace their legacy platforms this year as compared to last year’s meltdown in the marketplace. The total cost of ownership and the inflexibility of their existing platforms are prompting more and more insurers to think out-side of the box and look for new alternatives.”

Young continued, “CTS-Consulting has the most experience per employee than any other consulting or system integrator we have talked with. They know the insurance industry and the legacy platforms, and they appreciate new technology. They bring a disciplined approach to helping carriers quickly transform their operations.”

Charles Schaefer, President of CTS-Consulting added, “Not only is SEG’s software the newest policy administration system on the market, but it is the best thought out architecture we have seen. The completeness of their software package, combined with our process improvement methodology and integration skills provides our insurance clients the ability to re-platform their policy administration for a much lower cost than they ever imagined. Lower costs and the flexibility and power of SEG’s modern technology offer insurers a hard-to-resist value proposition.”

About CTS-Consulting

Blue Bell, PA based CTS-Consulting provides comprehensive services to insurance companies. Core competencies include: helping carriers to stream line their operations, improve customer service and accelerate growth. To learn more about CTS, please visit the website at or call 570 448-2391.

About SEG Software

Glastonbury, Connecticut based SEG Software (SEG) is a provider of industrial strength policy administration software to the life insurance and annuity industries. With the industry’s need for robust software solutions, SEG’s product suite is built on J2EE and developed in Java, providing the industry the modern technologies and a rules-engine that offer life and annuity insurers the flexibility, performance and scalability to finally consolidate and replace their legacy environment.

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