Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Laurus Technologies Adds FairWarning® as Healthcare Technology Partner

Laurus Technologies, an IT consulting and professional services firm based in Itasca, IL, announced today its participation in the FairWarning® Ready Solution Partner Program, enabling Laurus to deploy, service and resell FairWarning®’s industry-leading healthcare privacy monitoring solutions. Laurus will offer greater security and privacy measures to hospitals and healthcare providers for their electronic medical records, resulting in greater peace-of-mind for patients that their medical records are kept private. Laurus is one of seven nationwide solutions providers chosen to participate in FairWarning’s® program.

“Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to safeguard patient data,” said Dave Durbin, Partner, Business Development at Laurus Technologies. “They must concern themselves with requirements imposed by HIPAA, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). These initiatives have imposed an incredible amount of responsibility and accountability on providers in environments that have hundreds of applications and thousands of users that create, store and manipulate protected health information.”

Laurus is substantially strengthening the ability of healthcare providers to meet regulatory requirements, prevent inappropriate access to patient information and automate compliance with privacy provisions. With FairWarning® certification, Laurus Technologies can dramatically ease the effort required to spot suspicious activity and report on unauthorized access to PHI while tracking authorized access for accounting disclosure requirements.

“We share Laurus’ goal of helping healthcare providers improve privacy surveillance,” said Shane Whitlatch, senior vice president of global alliances at FairWarning®. “We are pleased that Laurus Technologies sees the value in our solution for its healthcare customers.”

The announcement marks the latest advancement in healthcare solutions from Laurus Technologies. In addition to working with FairWarning®, Laurus recently partnered with ThinIdentity Corporation to provide virtual desktop infrastructure solutions that help improve caregiver workflow, reduce medical errors and significantly improve workflow for doctors and nurses.

About Laurus Technologies, Inc.

Laurus Technologies is an IT consulting and systems integration firm that helps its customers solve their most pressing business challenges. The company’s strength is its combination of business knowledge, deep technical talent and commitment to customer satisfaction. Laurus Technologies’ people are experts in managing today’s increasingly complex IT infrastructure and delivering integration management solutions. Laurus’ goal of a 100% referenceable customer base has resulted in the company becoming one of the nation’s fastest growing solution providers. Laurus serves the technology needs of its customers from offices in Itasca, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Denver. For further information, please visit our website at www.laurustech.com.

About FairWarning®, Inc.

FairWarning® offers out-of-the-box privacy surveillance solutions which include support for every major healthcare application family. FairWarning® healthcare privacy monitoring solutions operate in nearly 200 hospitals and over 600 clinics across North America. The company is located in St. Petersburg, FL. To learn more, visit www.FairWarningAudit.com, call U.S. 727-576-6700 or email info@FairWarningAudit.com.

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