Friday, September 4, 2009

Convergys Research Reveals Customers' Point of View on the Service Experience

Global relationship management leader Convergys Corporation today lifts the curtain on what customers really think about service - for the first time offering its extensive primary research on the service experience, free of charge, at

How consumers rank the top service attributes of a superior customer experience across multiple industries and demonstrate loyalty are just two of the many insights provided by the newly available Convergys Scorecard Research, which includes insights also on consumer channel preferences and channel trade-offs for customer service, the impact of good and bad customer experiences for companies, the relative importance of product, service, price, brand and reputation on the customer experience -- and more.

Key findings of the research are highlighted for both the United States and the United Kingdom, with detailed snapshots of 19 industries providing an in-depth look at the customer experience across diverse sectors. An article on the research by Convergys President and CEO Dave Dougherty is featured in the September 2009 Harvard Business Review (HBR).

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