Thursday, August 20, 2009

SURVE Consulting Announces Business Development Program Launch

The SURVE Consulting Group, a leader counsel and talent development resource firm, has launched their unique business development program designed specifically for professional service organizations where their staff is responsible for increasing revenues through new client relationship development as well as broadening and deepening those relationships with existing clients. Referred to as the SURVE Business Development Program for PSEs/Professional Service Experts and PSPs/Professional Salespersons, this offering applies to all licensed, degreed, and or certified professionals, who want to expand and extend their sphere of influence.

This program has been created to contribute to professionals' long-term success by enhancing their ability to create healthy sustainable business relationships as well as strengthening and increasing their overall impact on their client's organization as well as their own business. The program's intent is for work and learning to become synonymous, while uniquely promoting the value and potential of the individual.

Adaptable to all types of professional service organizations, the program focuses on enhancing an individual's influence power rather than their position power, reinforcing process learning and personal/professional development. The program components include: Phone interviews with personnel to introduce the initial phase, Point of View meetings to discover beliefs, values and behaviors, regional SURVE Experience Retreat, establishing Partner Teams, monthly connect to coach calls, webinar subscription, E-blast news and articles, and access to continually updated tools and resources.

This program was developed by James Blackburn to address a need that was observed time and time again not only among his clients but also in the marketplace in general. "The key differentiator for businesses must now be the relationships they maintain not solely their products & services as they can all be replicated by their competitors," says Blackburn. He goes on to explain, "The solutions and services worldwide are readily available and accessible creating the need for another business development differentiator. The end goal is to gain a mutual respect through these healthy reciprocal relationships with your clients and colleagues built from a high level of trust and confidence." According to Blackburn, "the value buyer in today's marketplace is looking for a trusted advisor relationship first, an adequate product solution second and lastly a value add, which equates to having their expectations exceeded."

This program began in both the Healthcare and Financial Services industries in the 2nd quarter. Additionally, in an effort to provide these same opportunities to individuals, seminars are being scheduled for specific regions throughout the U.S.

With continued support and input from our clients, SURVE is committed to updating their offerings to provide cutting-edge application tailored to the ever-changing needs in our volatile marketplace.

For more on how SURVE can work with you, your firm or speak to your community organization, please visit us on the web at


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