Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ziegler Companies Retains Beacon Hill for Treasury and Financial Consulting Services for the Reorganization of the North Track Funds

Beacon Hill Fund Services, Inc. is pleased to announce they have been selected by Ziegler Capital Management, LLC to provide Financial Consulting services to them in conjunction with the reorganization of the North Track Funds. Ziegler had previously announced the reorganization of the North Track Funds with the HighMark Funds in February, and the transaction was closed as of June 5, 2009.

"Beacon Hill represents a company with the specific industry expertise in many areas of the mutual fund business, and particularly in the area of Treasury, Accounting, and Financial Reporting for mutual funds. They were instrumental in assisting us as we transitioned out of the mutual fund business, to ensure we maintained the highest standards of financial integrity and reporting. We felt Beacon Hill's services and professional expertise were of tremendous value to us," said Elizabeth Watkins, Senior Managing Director of the Ziegler Companies.

Beacon Hill is a provider of management, consulting and support services to the investment management industry and its regulated investment company products. Beacon Hill specializes in serving as the Principal Underwriter and Distributor; providing experienced industry personnel to serve as Fund Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO/Treasurer); business management, compliance, and regulatory oversight for regulated investment company products (mutual funds, registered hedge funds and exchange traded funds).

For more information on Beacon Hill Fund Services, Inc., visit www.b-hill.com.

Ziegler is a multi-faceted boutique investment firm providing opportunities in investment banking, asset and wealth management, as well as alternative investments for institutional and individual investors. In 1902, Ziegler began building its reputation for financing healthcare facilities, senior living communities, religious organizations, schools and most recently, renewable energy projects. As Ziegler continues to expand and innovate, its core strategy remains the same -- advancing health, wealth and well-being through tailored financial solutions.

Ziegler Capital Management, LLC provides institutional money management products and services as well as separate account management and mutual fund sub-advisory services.

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