Friday, July 24, 2009

Tom Gray Solutions Partners with More Than Rewards

In a bold move to consolidate his position as a leading independent consultant and sales trainer to the motorsport, powersport and watersport industries, Tom Gray of Tom Gray Solutions today announced a freshly forged alliance with Milwaukee-based More Than Rewards--a leading customer loyalty software and solutions design firm that shares his commitment to promoting growth and sales within the motorcycle and powersports industry.

Gray launched his consultancy in June 2009 with a state of the art web site ( that features a comprehensive array of his own unique and original modular training and consulting programs that can be selectively tailored to client needs on a mix-and-match basis.

More Than Rewards, which serves a clientele including about 150 Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers, was quick to recognize the value of combining Gray's award-winning sales training skills and insights with their own software tools into a "can't miss" package of benefits for motorcycle and powersports dealers, said More Than Rewards CEO Jason Brethorst.

"We anticipate that Tom Gray Solutions will serve as the training arm of our business, enabling us to offer more professional advanced training courses to our customers," Brethorst explained. "In turn, Tom will be able to offer customer loyalty/reward marketing, service scheduling, e-marketing, finance and insurance (F&I) follow-up software--all of our whole suite of tools--to his customer base, as well."

In addition to the enhanced range of services each partner will be able to offer, clients may also expect to benefit from prompt feedback from their More Than Rewards software, Gray claims.

"It's one thing to tell a client that he will see a 3 to 5% increase in gross sales--or even more--when he implements those reward marketing products. It's easy to say he will definitely see a significant return if his team practices those methods, techniques, systems and strategies I teach. The More Than Rewards customer relationship management system, however, will track performance and measure the results, so each dealer will quickly see the evidence of immediate improvement, increased profit, and overall growth and success--as many have already done," said Gray.

A key element of the More Than Rewards program is its groundbreaking online customer loyalty software designed for motorcycle riding clubs--a concept which may justly be called revolutionary.

"There's nothing like it out there," said Brandon Siegesmund, More Than Rewards VP Communications. "My Chapter Manager™ is an amazing one-of-a-kind program that allows Harley-Davidson dealers to easily manage all the planning, scheduling, and contacts for their Harley Owners Group chapter--membership functions, dues management, e-mail communication, reporting, mailings, and much more can be handled on-line by officers, dealer employees, or both."

Siegesmund points to research confirming that members of riding clubs spend five times more than traditional walk-in customers, and concludes that "creating more customer involvement in a riding club or HOG chapter is especially important in increasing revenue streams and boosting customer retention levels."

Brethorst characterizes the program as "a huge success," noting that it fills a void in an area where Harley-Davidson has not yet offered service to its riders.

The HOG chapter manager allows dealers to tap into and expand on the loyalty base, encouraging more customer involvement and hence more visits to the dealer, with the likelihood of a greater number of purchases--as much as four times more than a non-loyalty customer, according to the National Loyalty Survey.

It is notable that in the five years since More Than Rewards created this unique product for the motorcycle industry, complete with its multiple mix-and-match software applications, not a single customer has dropped their service.

"The reason," says Brethorst, "is that customers see an almost immediate ROI with our platform of products. We're one of the only products--if not the only product--on the market that can make that claim. Now, in combination with Tom Gray Solutions, it can only get better."

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