Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Telserv, a New Jersey-Based, Independent Telecommunications Consulting Firm, Increases Business by 25% within One Month’s Time

Telserv NJ, LLC, an independent, telecommunications consulting firm offering tailor-made solutions for business communication needs, announces a 25% increase in orders from last month to this month. This growth is attributed to Telserv’s personalized care and industry expertise, often negotiating with the country’s top-tier carriers for the best price and greatest bandwidth. This turnkey service is critical, especially in today’s tough economic climate, for small to large-sized businesses, such as legal houses, health care professionals, call centers, colocation companies, billing and financial services firms. These businesses require an increase in voice and/or data network capacity but still need to be mindful of operational costs and strict IT budgets.

One such company, a nationally renowned, medical billing company, required an increase in its network capacity while meeting specific budgetary targets. After unsuccessfully reaching out to the incumbent carrier and other service providers in its area, the client hired Telserv to meet its needs. “After analyzing the client’s network requirements,” states Michael Gallucci, CEO and Founder of Telserv, “we were able to offer a tailored, communications package that literally doubled the client’s existing bandwidth, offered unlimited local calling and 30,000 minutes of toll free, long distance and regional calling. The end-result was a 32% savings on the firm’s existing monthly costs. More bandwidth, less Cap-Ex. Plus, Telserv is a single point of contact, saving the client valuable time negotiating with multiple carriers and comparing numerous proposals.”

With over 20 years of industry experience, Telserv utilizes its expertise to be a true, one-stop resource for all business communications. Telserv does not represent any single company; instead the company contracts with several major carriers to provide a full array of local, long distance, data and Internet services at wholesale prices. From competitive pricing to assistance with implementation processes and facilitating diversity and redundancy plans, Telserv helps firms meet their budgetary targets even during tight economic downturns.

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About Telserv NJ, LLC

Telserv is an independent, telecommunications consulting firm offering tailor-made solutions for businesses’ communication needs. Servicing small to large-sized companies, Telserv offers a full array of local, long distance, data and Internet services from all top tier carriers at the most competitive prices available. As a proven, one-stop resource, Telserv also provides impartial diversity planning and network recommendations, a streamlined procurement process, assistance with implementation and an ongoing account review to ensure the best pricing for each client’s customized bandwidth needs.

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