Friday, July 10, 2009

Strategic Business Alliance Global Consulting to Expand Business Support Teams Worldwide

A group of executive business advisors from around the globe have joined forces to create Strategic Business Alliance (SBA) Global Consulting. With headquarters in the metropolitan New York area, the consortium has offices in Atlanta, Miami, London, Sao Paulo, Beijing and the Middle East and Africa, and offers international business consulting. Global business services include marketing and sales, strategy and infrastructure, new office openings, and environmental consultation, just to name a few.

“SBA Global Consulting provides executive expansion capabilities without the overhead,” said Charles Warhaftig, a founding member of Strategic Business Alliance Global Consulting. “When a company cuts back at the executive level, they still need the services those workers previously provided. We’ve gathered highly successful, seasoned professionals with global business experience into one group to help companies expand – yet not have to make long term hiring commitments.”

SBA Global Consulting has team members strategically placed throughout the world, offering executive-level strategy and implementation with the cultural advantage that only people who have resided in that region can truly offer. For international companies looking to expand in the US and Canada, or for North American companies looking to expand in Latin America, China or Europe, the SBAGC team, with its combined hundreds of years of experience, offers global business services to expand both presence and sales opportunities.

ABOUT SBA Global Consulting

SBA Global Consulting, with offices in New York Metropolitan area and worldwide, is leading growing businesses to greater success through strategic and tactical solutions for new market growth. This network of highly experienced professionals provides business services that leverage a multi-disciplined approach to greater business growth, enhanced market distribution, marketing and public relations and sales. For more information, visit

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