Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PeopleCube Partners with Stegmeier Consulting Group, Leading Change Management Firm, To Provide Comprehensive Workspace Utilization Analysis Services

PeopleCube, provider of intelligent workplace, resource, and energy management technology, today announced it has partnered with world-renowned change management consultant and author Diane Stegmeier of Stegmeier Consulting Group to provide innovative consulting services to help organizations launch and maximize the value of their alternative workspace environment.

The joint service addresses the behavioral and technological aspects of adopting a shared workspace environment by combining a thorough analysis into real-estate utilization while outlining several programs designed to resolve the concerns employees commonly have when new work environments are introduced. By providing this complete service, organizations are able to leverage valuable business intelligence data to maximize utilization of corporate real estate and prevent unnecessary real-estate expansion while enhancing productivity of the workforce and helping to attract and retain top talent.

“Many companies are turning to a shared workspace environment in an effort to accommodate their mobile employees, while simultaneously maximizing space utilization without increasing unnecessary real estate overhead,” said Rick Boyink, vice president of North America at PeopleCube. “PeopleCube provides customers with the knowledge of how their space is being utilized; our partnership with Stegmeier Consulting Group enables us to go a step further and give them an understanding of the cultural shift that occurs when a new work environment is introduced. Such in-depth analysis and understanding can help customers save thousands, possibly millions, of dollars in real estate and operational costs, as well as improving employee productivity, morale, and retention.”

“Shared workspace programs introduce a number of challenges to a company that, when not addressed or managed properly, can end up costing money rather than saving it,” said Diane Stegmeier, president of Stegmeier Consulting Group. “At a time when companies are heavily scrutinizing their investments, the partnership between Stegmeier Consulting Group and PeopleCube provides the tools that enable companies to not only survive but thrive when implementing a shared workspace environment.”

The Workspace Utilization Consulting Service is a unique offering that converts real-estate utilization data into actionable information while addressing the resistance to change that can create barriers to the success of a new alternative workspace environment. Over a pre-defined period of time, PeopleCube combines real-estate management data, business intelligence data, and the expertise of PeopleCube’s real-estate utilization analysis professionals to provide a thorough examination of real-estate usage trends and valuable insight into how clients can enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately, reduce real estate and related costs.

In conjunction with PeopleCube’s proprietary technology, Workspace Utilization Consulting Services include the change management expertise of Stegmeier Consulting Group. Providing education to the client’s business leaders on the factors that can enable—or hinder—the development, execution, and outcome of the workplace strategy, Stegmeier Consulting Group emphasizes alignment and accountability in the client organization. Drawing from best practices and lessons learned in workplace transformation, Stegmeier Consulting Group analyzes the workspace utilization data to provide client-specific recommendations.

About Stegmeier Consulting Group

Stegmeier Consulting Group, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, supports its clients throughout the world in managing change through its defined practice of strategically guiding organizational transformation while maintaining human psychological stability and minimizing business process disruption. The firm is recognized globally for the Critical Influence™ methodology developed by its founder, Diane Stegmeier, and introduced in the book Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments. For additional information, visit www.stegmeierconsulting.com.

About PeopleCube

PeopleCube provides intelligent on-demand workplace, energy, and resource management solutions that help customers run environmentally friendly, cost-effective operations. Through its corporate headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, and offices throughout the world, PeopleCube supports 7,500 customers in small, medium, and large enterprises. More information is available at www.peoplecube.com.

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