Friday, July 31, 2009

MarketSphere Consulting Partners with Triviumsoft

MarketSphere Consulting LLC (“MarketSphere”), a business advisory and technology firm and leader in talent management consulting, announced today their partnership with Triviumsoft, whose breakthrough technologies empower customers with an unprecedented ability to collect and analyze Talent data.

The unique talent analysis software delivers visual depictions of a company’s current and future talent composition based on positions and employee competencies. Looking to the future, companies will need to have this refined view of talent and mission-critical job needs in order to align their workforce with their business demands.

The partnership will allow MarketSphere clients to gain visibility into current and future talent needs and provide visibility into the appropriate allocation of talent across the workforce channels of direct, contract, and project. This gives clients the information needed to identify and address talent gaps, allocate resources for profitability, and plan for future talent requirements.

“We are very excited to expand our analytical capabilities with this state of the art software,” said Tom Kane, Practice Director of MarketSphere. “It allows us to deepen our view of the workforce supply and gaps in a very short time, and thus enhance our client’s solution for integrated talent development and management.”

By combining the best-in-breed technology provided by Triviumsoft and the most comprehensive consulting service, our clients obtain a roadmap to manage their talent for need and profitability.

“Current business environment pressures companies to make the right informed talent decisions very fast, and our software allows just that,” says Pierre Kergall, COO of Triviumsoft. “We are very excited to partner with MarketSphere, and provide an integrated solution supplying rapid value to clients. MarketSphere is known for their edge in HR Transformation and Management Consulting, and this partnership brings strong support for our business.”

About MarketSphere

MarketSphere was founded with a simple vision: to be the most respected business advisor in the markets it serves. Its partners and associates provide solutions that address a broad range of process, technology, and organizational needs within the finance, human resources, supply chain, and sales and marketing functions, with specialization in strategic business performance, technology integration, and enterprise transformation initiatives. Learn more at

About Triviumsoft

Triviumsoft is a leading provider of competency-based talent Management software solutions. As organizations increasingly need to go beyond ‘people quantities’ (headcount/job) and look at their ‘qualities’ (skills, experience, and motivations), Triviumsoft brings innovative software to discover, optimize and develop Talent. Triviumsoft solutions are used by many Global 200 organizations in an array of industries, including consulting services, financial services, IT, government, manufacturing and telecommunications. Triviumsoft was founded in 1992 and has offices in Europe and the United States.

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