Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Local Consulting Firm Starts Business by Giving It Away!"

In the spirit of using your best talents to give back to the community, The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and their volunteer consulting team Executive Service Corps call on experienced and dynamic business executives and consultants to donate their time to improve the Strategy, Finances and Operations of Arizona Nonprofits. Sonora Strategic Partners (SSP), LLC owned by Phoenix resident Marc Corkins was honored to join this great organization this month.

"This will be a great partnership," says Corkins. "The great thing about this is the synergies for my practice. I have an opportunity to give back and at the same time develop a dynamic network of local business leaders."

When asked why he was giving away what he can sell he said, "I'm in a great position to make volunteering a part of my business plan, to make giving back a part of my firm's culture and values."

Mr. Corkins opened SSP just this January and is developing a portfolio of clients. He joined the Executive Service Corps in July and will be donating a portion of his time on an ongoing basis.

Marc Corkins is a Principal at Sonora Strategic Partners Management Consulting (www.SonoraPartners.com), a Phoenix, AZ-based firm focused on business solutions in the areas of Strategy, Business Process Improvement and Project Management. He can be reached at corkins@SonoraPartners.com, or via phone at 602-330-9176.

Executive Service Corps (ESC) Arizona helps nonprofits improve their operations with consulting services from a team of experienced executives. ESC is affiliated with the National Executive Service Corps (www.escus.org) which has over 30 other Executive Service Corps organizations in major cities in the U.S.

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