Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guidance Consulting Spotlights Ties Between Economy and Increased IT Vulnerability Attacks

When the economy gets rough and layoffs are at an all-time high, there is almost always an upswing in malware and virus attacks across the Internet, says IT consulting firm Guidance Consulting, Inc. While common sense generally indicates that this is a logical change, since getting into systems for personal gain might seem like a viable option to those facing unemployment for the first time in decades, the truth is that legitimate companies are the ones at fault.

According to Daniel Gottilla, senior consultant at Guidance Consulting, the primary culprit is actually the lowered security budgets faced by everyone from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses. "Companies are being forced to cut their budgets across the board," says Gottilla, "and security systems are often the first to suffer. In an economic climate like this, the focus is on keeping jobs and finances safe - not infrastructure systems. It's unfortunate, because infrastructure systems are just as vulnerable as everything else." In fact, these types of budgetary cuts are often made in the face of increased cyber-attacks.

The problem with cutting a security budget is that it results in a spiraling effect of malware hazards. When one company lowers its security, it's at an increased risk not only for attack from a malicious source on its own, but the company then becomes vulnerable as a vehicle for further damages. For example, the Internet Explorer damages that hit the Internet last December were largely the result of legitimate companies whose systems were infiltrated by viruses, which were then sent to unsuspecting website visitors.

"It's a scary prospect," Gottilla agrees, "but it's one that is easy to avoid. By upgrading the vulnerability protection a company currently has or outsourcing it to a specialty IT provider, companies can reduce their budgets and decrease their chances of an attack. It's a win-win solution."

With tough economic times only expected to continue to plague businesses of all sizes, now is the time to increase system security, not decrease it. Not only can companies avoid becoming a source of malware, but they can also save money in the long run. "Getting rid of a virus is much more costly than preventing one in the first place," adds Gottilla. In this case, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

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