Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Consulting Firm Technium, Inc. (formerly M3Snet) Announces New Name, New Look, New Service Offerings

M3Snet will change its name to Technium, Inc. as of Wednesday, July 15, 2009. Technium president Michael Joseph says that the new name more accurately reflects the products and services they bring to market. After the decision to change the name of the organization, they also acquired the domain, where the new web site can be experienced.

The new name is part of a strategic initiative and rebranding to best reflect the company value proposition and service offerings as well as an enhanced internet presence. Technium worked with Altos Marketing Group of Bedford, NH to develop a new logo and create the newly designed and interactive website.

"We had worked with them in the past and recognized the value of a strategic marketing partnership to represent the organization," says Joseph.

Technium serves customers by solving critical business risk areas with strategic partnerships focusing on complex technical information systems and security. Businesses cannot afford downtime, but also cannot afford the skills needed to both operate and manage the complex infrastructure elements of their enterprise. The value proposition Technium provides as a managed services partner in these areas allows business risk mitigation as well as consultative expertise at a manageable cost.

Technium and Altos staff worked together to develop a brand that would stand out in providing Fortune 1000 CIO's the ability to manage complex network, security and infrastructure operations through providing extensive monitoring tools, systems and consulting. Technium's monitoring solutions have value for clients of all sizes and complexity, with flexible and affordable offerings, while their managed solutions offer top-notch talent at the fraction of the cost of a direct employee.

Technium focuses on key areas where deep skill in complex technology provides value to our enterprise customers which they could not retain directly:

  • The TechINFORM™ program provides operational skills and talent to configure and manage top notch tools for monitoring business applications, servers and communications.
  • The TechCONTROL™ program adds engineering services and remediation utilizing our 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) team.
  • The TechSECURE™ program provides a complete program and services for security management.
  • Finally Technium offers a host of consultative services under the TechCONSULT™ program.

"We needed to develop more sophisticated marketing tools to present to our existing and future market segments. We feel that the new identity coupled with our new website launch is the basis of what is yet to come in future service expansion," says Joseph.

About Technium, Inc.

Technium, Inc. is a managed services and consulting firm with a core value of partnership with enterprise customers. Our focus is to constantly improve operations-focused managed services and to provide top notch engineering capabilities to our clients. Our unique skills include highly available and fully managed infrastructure services, total security solutions and operational best practice consulting. M3Snet was formed in 1999 and primarily serves the New England market. You can visit them online at their new domain:

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