Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Charlotte-based Consulting Firm Offers New Service to Help Companies Determine Supplier or Customer Bankruptcy Risk

Exervio Management Consulting announces the launch of a new service offering, Financial Viability Assessment. This service uses a proprietary assessment tool to provide our clients insight into which of their customers or suppliers are at risk of bankruptcy. The company began offering this service in February.

Exervio’s service offers information on companies not usually found on credit reports or business information sites. Using in-depth analysis and statistical methods, the assessment predicts the likelihood of bankruptcy and other critical disruptions of key suppliers; providing clients valuable time to adjust, avoid or mitigate the risk to their operations.

“In today’s economy, with almost 5,000 businesses declaring bankruptcy each month, our clients need to know which of their suppliers can be relied on, and which cannot,” stated Robert Rady-Pentek, Director of Business Analytics at Exervio Management Consulting.

About Exervio Management Consulting

Exervio Management Consulting provides process improvement, business and operations analysis and information technology solutions. The company includes over 60 seasoned consulting professionals, with offices in Atlanta and Dallas and headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Exervio delivers value to local clients by deploying small teams to define business strategies, improve operational effectiveness and execute the projects required to achieve results. Additional information is available at

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