Thursday, July 23, 2009

Century Consulting and OpSource Redefine Student Management Software

OpSource(TM), the leader in Cloud operations, today announced that Century Consultants Ltd., an ASM Research company, is deploying OpSource On-Demand(TM) to redefine student management software. By using OpSource On-Demand as the backbone of its new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Century is not only increasing the functionality and flexibility of its Web-based student management system but bringing it to more school districts than ever before possible.

Star_Base School Suite® offers a comprehensive Web-based student information solution tailored to meet the needs of individual school districts. Star_Base® streamlines and simplifies record keeping, information gathering and entry. Administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and students can access information anytime, anywhere. However, before deploying its new SaaS solution via OpSource On-Demand, the costs of the software could be prohibitive for small or struggling districts.

"Adding an on-demand solution allows districts the flexibility of choosing the best financial model for them to take advantage of the full array of features in Star_Base®," said Bob Ginn, General Manager, Century Consultants, Ltd. "By outsourcing the technical aspects of managing a database, districts can focus on teaching and learning while lowering their investment in hardware. One of the main reasons we chose OpSource On-Demand was because OpSource understood more than any other company how to work with the Oracle High Availability environment that we have built our solution on, giving us peace of mind that we were putting our business in expert hands."

Century Consultants reviewed four potential infrastructure providers before choosing OpSource On-Demand to power its new solution. The company chose to work with OpSource not only for the company's market-leading technology but for its unmatched flexibility in working with the company to meet its support needs.

"The OpSource team truly understands the great power that the on-demand model brings," Ginn said. "Our implementation was quick and transparent, and our OpSource support staff was there for us every step of the way. We remain impressed with the personal care OpSource takes to ensure our success."

"OpSource's goal is to help companies use the SaaS model to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions," said Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource. "Century Consultants has done just that for the education marketplace. We are pleased to work with them to bring their powerful software to districts both large and small in the years to come."

About OpSource On-Demand

A comprehensive, award-winning Cloud operations solution, OpSource On-Demand enables Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Web companies to quickly and securely deliver their applications and services over the Web to consumers and businesses alike. Going far beyond full-featured managed hosting, it includes the application management, compliance and business services that are necessary for on-demand business success. OpSource On-Demand includes:

Technical Operations

-- Best-in-class, scalable software, hardware and network infrastructure
-- World-class data center facilities
-- Redundant carrier class load balancing architecture
-- In-depth 24x7 monitoring, security, and management procedures backed
by SAS-70 Type II audits
-- Built-in high availability solutions from simple clustering to wide-
area disaster recovery

Application Operations

-- Data management
-- Performance management, including multipoint user-experience
-- Application roll out and change management
-- Application optimization
-- Compliant infrastructure, processes and procedures including: SAS 70
Type II audited, HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance and and WebEx

Business Operations

-- OpSource Billing(TM) -- An end-to-end subscription management,
metering and payment stand-alone solution, or as part of OpSource On-Demand
-- OpSource Connect(TM) -- A Web services infrastructure and integration
toolset, for application integration in the "Cloud" and behind the
corporate fire-wall
-- OpSource End-User Support(TM) -- 24x7 customer branded end-user
-- OpSource Analytics(TM) -- A real-time application and customer usage
information, and health of business analysis and reporting tool

About Star_Base School Suite®

Star_Base School Suite® is an integrated, web-based student information management system entirely tailored to the needs of individual school districts as well as state departments of education. All stakeholders (educators, parents and students) benefit from the exceptional technology offered. With a scalable centralized database, all 22 modules, including gradebook, are combined to form a single seamless program that is user friendly and secure. Through the Portal feature, parents/guardians and students have real-time access to grades, attendance, assignments (both upcoming and past due), discipline and more. Since the data is on-line all the time, information is both timely and accurate. Entrance to Star_Base® via a standard web browser enables authorized users access to all of their information from anywhere at any time. Century offers its Star_Base School Suite® along with proven project management, data conversion, on-site training and ongoing support. With years of experience in the education industry Century guarantees a professional, prompt, cost efficient implementation. For more information, please email

About ASM Research

ASM Research, Inc. is an employee-owned company with a 30-plus year history providing IT systems integration, program management, information security and assurance, healthcare / medical management, and educational / training solutions to Federal Government and public institution clients.

About OpSource

OpSource(TM) delivers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Web applications for on-demand companies, with hundreds of applications, millions of users and billions of transactions supported daily. OpSource On-Demand(TM), the leading Cloud operations solution, is defining how Web-based software is delivered. By choosing OpSource as their Web application delivery partner, companies are freed from investing in and managing the complex and costly infrastructure and services necessary to deliver applications over the Web. They can instead focus their resources on developing, marketing and selling their applications and services. Further, by using OpSource Connect(TM) companies can leverage Web services such as OpSource Billing CLM(TM), OpSource Analytics(TM) and OpSource End User Support(TM) and integrate their applications with other SaaS applications over the Internet as well as with enterprise applications behind the corporate firewall. OpSource On-Demand is suitable for companies at any stage of growth, with any type of on-demand application.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., OpSource has Web application delivery centers in Virginia, London and Bangalore. For more information about OpSource, visit

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