Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adros Hybrid Energy Solutions Lead the Way for Green Technology to Bloom in the Clean-Energy Market

Custom Solar, Geothermal and Wind Solutions coupled with Expert Consulting Services to offer Unique Green Energy Conversion Plans for residential and commercial consumers.

Adros Energy, a leading green energy company in New England, sells and installs solar, geothermal and wind turbine solutions to harness free energy from the earth’s renewable resources. The Adros hybrid energy systems generate free, and clean heating, cooling and electricity to counter the soaring cost and environmental harm that comes from the use of fossil fuels. The company takes a consultative approach to educate clients about recent technology advances, system cost reductions and lucrative financial incentives associated with using green energy. Their energy consultants explore with clients the many economic and environmental advantages of using renewable energy to power their homes and businesses. This unique approach has helped the company create immediate and significant market demand for their products and services. “The green movement is rapidly expanding the use of clean energy from the early adopters to mainstream deployment of clean energy systems” says Matt Currier, president of Adros Energy. “The recent passing of the American Clean Energy & Security Act of 2009 by congress has increased the rush to use our hybrid energy systems. We are inundated with people eager to learn about our systems, how they work and how to leverage the advantages they offer.”

Clean energy systems that produce heat, cooling, and electricity, with a very low carbon foot print, are quickly becoming the accepted and desired practice for government, business, and individual consumers. People are eager to learn about alternative energy technology and how it can improve the profitability of their business or reduce home costs to stretch budgets. “There is a tremendous amount of information about clean energy available that can be outdated or inaccurate. This often mystifies or confuses how the technology works and pays back” says founder Phil Morano, engineering chief at Adros. “We strive to simplify the conversion to green energy for our customers.

Adros offers a breadth of alternative energy solutions that are specifically developed for each customer. Adros compliments these product offerings, with energy consulting, system design and financial services. The company works with customers to develop a comprehensive green energy conversion plan. Adros installs their solutions in a phased fashion to match the customer’s conversion schedule and budget.

One of the leading growth areas of green technologies is solar energy. There are two types of solar energy systems offered by Adros. The first is photovoltaic (PV), a method for generating electric power from the sun’s radiance. Adros PV systems use photoelectric cells packaged in modules, or solar panels, to create PV arrays that harness the sun’s power and turn it into electricity. A recent customer, Bill Rapf, installed his Adros PV system to generate a large portion of his electrical power needs. “After converting to solar thermal several years ago, I wanted to expand my use of clean energy. Adros provided expert technical and financial consultation to illustrate exactly how my Adros PV array operates, how much my energy costs would drop and how I would quickly recover the entire investment in just a few years of operation.

The second solar energy system is solar thermal. In this system, energy is derived from the sun’s radiant heat and is commonly used to generate hot water for domestic use or radiant floor heating. Solar heating systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors filled with a glycol fluid that transfers the heat from the collector to storage tanks where it is then made available for use.

A well suited solution for New England is geothermal technology. The Adros geothermal system is an excellent way to combat today’s high heating and cooling bills. Geothermal provides an extremely cost effective alternative to fossil fuel heating. Mr. Evans, an Adros client, elected to install a geothermal system in the home he is building. “Working with Adros Energy has helped me understand many geothermal design considerations. They simplified the entire geothermal heating and cooling design process. After evaluating multiple companies and designs, I selected Adros for their expertise, quality, affordability and customer centric values."

Wind Energy is an emerging alternative energy technology in New England. Wind turbine deployment is quickly catching solar and geothermal installations. A wind turbine is simply a generator that produces electricity when the wind blows. Adros uses the same concepts to target the smaller sized needs. The Adros wind system can be mounted on a roof or pole to provide power for homes or small businesses. Like their massive cousins, the Adros turbines can be grouped and linked together to power large facilities and company campuses.

Adros Energy designs, installs and maintains each system they sell. All installations are performed by a team of industry certified Adros technicians. “I think I have the most fun at the company” says Adros owner John Haithcock. “I manage the installations at the customer’s site. We often work hand in hand with the clients who are thrilled to see their system come together and as a result achieve a level of independence from ongoing increased expenses.”

Adros Energy creates unique custom systems by combining several clean energy technologies to compliment one another. The hybrid system of PV with geothermal provides the power to run the circulating pump without incremental electric cost. In systems where PV and Wind combine, power continues to flow at night or on stormy days, or conversely, on windless sunny days. Using solar thermal combined with geothermal increases the amount of free hot water produced with this Adros hybrid system. Creative combination systems can meet the ultimate green goal; complete “off-grid” energy generation. These customers achieve total independence from traditional energy sources and freedom from big oil or utility companies.

Renewable energy sources contribute immensely to our environmental preservation. It reduces our dependencies on fossil fuels and environmental damage other energy technologies. As business expands so does the need to find new ways to power our efforts. Green technology is an investment in saving energy and money while conserving vital resources and the environment. Adros Energy prides itself on being the emerging leader in the Clean Energy Market; offering hybrid energy solutions to allow clients the ability to convert from traditional energy methods to renewable Green technology using safe and cost effective methods.

About Adros Energy

Adros is a Greek word meaning abundant and substantial which reflect perfectly the same quality of renewable energy. The company was founded in January, 2009, and is privately owned by Phil Morano, Matt Currier, and John Haithcock. The three principles complement each other to create an exceptional management team. Matt focuses on business strategy and leads sales & marketing; Phil drives the research & design efforts while managing engineering; John leads quality control, construction and on site installation operations for the company.

The company has quickly found success and established a leading position in the New England area by educating its customers on the value realized from converting to green energy. The Adros Energy team is dedicated to creating the highest level of customer satisfaction. This guiding principle governs all operational aspects of the company to enable the deployment of high value, quality, and affordable, hybrid green energy solutions. Adros Energy is headquartered in Nashua, NH with sales locations through out the greater New England area. To learn more please visit or send email to You can also stop at their booth during Boston Green Fest 2009.

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