Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oxford Consulting Enters into Partnership with ITAC Asia

Oxford Consulting Group, Inc., a leading technology services firm specializing in the integration of business and technology for the mid-market and Global 2000 throughout the United States, today announced a strategic partnership with ITAC Asia LTD, a Hong Kong based technology firm.

Through this partnership, Oxford Consulting will gain exclusive U.S. distribution rights to ITAC's product B2B Framework(TM) for Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) and Sterling Integrator(TM) (SI), an application toolset with over 100 prebuilt business processes designed to support the rapid deployment of Sterling Commerce's applications. By leveraging the B2B Framework, traditional implementation efforts can be reduced by up to 70 percent.

Tightly integrated with Sterling Commerce's GIS and SI applications, the B2B Framework delivers a prebuilt infrastructure designed to minimize standard development and deployment times while extending the out-of-the-box functionality found in the GIS and SI applications. With enhanced end-to-end process visibility and improved error handling, the B2B Framework dramatically reduces the effort associated with implementation and therefore, the cost and time to realized benefit.

"The cost of implementing world class applications like Sterling's GIS and SI can sometimes be cost prohibitive, especially in tight economic conditions," said Chris Halvorson, Director, Integration Services, Oxford Consulting Group. "With ITAC's B2B Framework, this hurdle is now minimized, allowing organizations to more quickly see the benefits of integrating their trading partner communities," Halvorson continued.

"We are excited about our strategic relationship with Oxford Consulting and the opportunity it represents for U.S. based companies," said Horace Mak, Managing Director, ITAC Asia. "To date, ITAC has successfully deployed the B2B Framework in more than twenty (20) GIS customers in five (5) countries with tremendous success," Mak continued.

Oberto Sausage Company, a long time customer of Sterling Commerce and Oxford Consulting, has already committed to a June, 2009 implementation of the B2B Framework as part of their planned GIS upgrade.

"The addition of the B2B Framework to our project will not only allow us to see significant saving in terms of implementation time and money, but also gives Oberto a platform on which to develop and quickly implement new initiatives on our own," said Tom Kingsley, IT Director, Oberto Sausage Company.

"Flexibility and speed are critical to success in today's competitive marketplace," Kingsley added.

About Oxford Consulting Group, Inc.

Oxford Consulting Group, Inc. is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States. With more than 120 consultants nationwide, the organization is committed to providing holistic solutions to its clients. In partnership with Sterling Commerce since 2000, Oxford Consulting has delivered more than 500 GIS/SI implementations. For more information about Oxford Consulting Group, telephone +1 866 595 6700, or visit the Oxford Consulting Web site at: www.oxford-consulting.com.

About ITAC, Asia LTD

IT Associates Corporation Asia, Ltd (ITAC Asia) is an expansion of IT Associates Corporation Philippines. ITAC Philippines began operation in July 1996 to engage in the sales and distribution of supply chain software in the Philippines.

ITAC is an application reseller and system implementation partner for Sterling Commerce focusing on Hong Kong, Macao and China. ITAC also is the sole representatives for Sterling Collaboration Network (SCN) to provide EDI VAN and community management services in Hong Kong, Macao, China and Philippines. It has offices in all these regions.

For more information about ITAC, telephone +852 2821 2777; email: info@itacasia.com, or visit the ITAC Web site at www.itacasia.com.

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