Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NouvEON expands Energy and Utilities Practice

NouvEON announced the expansion of its national energy and utility practice for delivering integrated and innovative solutions, which enable energy and utilities companies to implement change more efficiently. NouvEON is expanding its practice to continue working with a broad spectrum of energy and utility clients to solve complex business challenges they face in this growing and increasingly complex business landscape.

NouvEON has a track record of providing successful business and technology services to energy and utilities clients, which has resulted in increased productivity and performance. With the investment in the practice, NouvEON will further help clients to identify changes that affect their organizations within the following areas: field management, customer operations, wholesale operations and corporate operations.

"Given six years of success in providing expert consulting services to the utility industry, we wanted to expand our focus on the industry and now is the right time to do so," says NouvEON President and Chief Executive Officer, T.J. Eberle. "We will bring the same approach in this area that has proven to be so unique and successful with our clients."

NouvEON's recent work includes providing services in the following business and information technology (IT) areas: nuclear fatigue management, project data and information management, transmission billing, smart grid, asset management and long range asset planning.

Shawn Shillington, NouvEON's energy and utilities practice leader, adds, "Energy and utility companies face significant changes in the 21st century with an increasing need to streamline business processes, integrate new technologies, understand the risks associated with aging assets, address changing environmental and governmental requirements, and tackle the impact of an aging work force."

"Forming this practice underscores our commitment to partnering with energy and utility companies to implement change, efficiently and effectively, delivering business value. NouvEON's subject matter expertise and core enablers will allow our teams to best understand the complete energy and utility model and how change impacts the organization," says Shillington.

"We look forward to the growth and success of this important business," says Eberle.

About NouvEON

NouvEON is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in managing and delivering high-value solutions to mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, NouvEON represents a "New Era" in consulting services. In this "New Era", NouvEON provides an excellent Cost to Quality ratio by combining its proprietary LIFT™ model (Local accountability, Industry knowledge, Flexible delivery and Technology Business Solutions) with its Employee Owned Network (EON™) of experienced and highly qualified business professionals. The result: NouvEON value-efficient models have resulted in a 100% referenceable client base.

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