Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Former IBM Executive Michael Maupin to Join the Advisory Board of The Water Training Institute

Former IBM Business Unit Executive Michael Maupin has joined the Advisory Board of The Water Training Institute (a division of Water, a New Jersey-based consulting & services firm). Maupin, who is the Managing Director of the business development firm MBI and author of the book "The Billion Dollar Deal" (11/09 Oxford Hill Press), has also joined the sales training staff and will be delivering segments of The Water Training Institute’s Certified Managed Print Services Seller (TM) Sales Training & Certification Program beginning in September.

“Michael Maupin brings more than 15-years of exceptional sales performance, unsurpassed big-league sales management experience, and overall sales know-how to Water’s already-outstanding sales training team” says Bobby Smith, a Principal at Water Canada. “His sales credibility and credentials strengthen that of The Water Training Institute and supports our goal to provide absolute top-notch professionals delivering the best experience to our clients. And besides, anyone who has achieved 11 (eleven) consecutive 100% Clubs and 3 Golden Circles at IBM, as Maupin has, is a proven, exceptional sales performer.”

Smith and Maupin became acquainted back in 2004 when Smith was a consultant at HP and Maupin joined Water to deliver a Consultative Sales Training program to the entire Hewlett-Packard U.S. Imaging & Printing Group sales force. But Maupin’s association with Water goes back even further. “When I started at IBM in the late ‘80s,” says Maupin, “the foundation of our sales training was based on the techniques offered by The Water Training Institute. Later, when IBM eliminated its internal training, I personally relied on Water for the training needs of all of my new hires. Now, I’m excited to work with this fine organization.”

The Water Training Institute’s Certified Managed Print Services Seller (TM) program begins September 16-18 in Philadelphia, PA. The purpose of the program is to provide sales professionals with a thorough understanding of Managed Print Services (MPS), comprehensive MPS sales training, a tailored MPS sales acumen evaluation & development plan for each participant, and a Certification Exam that – combined with the other aspects of the program - would substantiate that the successful candidate has demonstrated a certain standard of MPS sales performance and comprehension. More information can be found at www.h2o15.com.

“As a former sales rep, sales manager, sales executive, and the current Managing Director of a firm that helps companies close deals, I know the importance of being able to consultatively sell service-based solutions in today’s market” says Maupin. “It is my opinion that – if companies are serious about preparing their sales associates to sell Managed Print Services effectively – they should strongly consider the Certified Managed Print Services Seller (TM) program as the vehicle to help them get there.”

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