Friday, May 15, 2009

Convergys Corp. Introduces On-Demand Voice Authentication Solution

Convergys Corp., a company involved in relationship management, announced the availability of a platform-independent On-Demand Voice Authentication solution.

Upon enrollment in the solution, companies can authenticate agent-assisted and consumer transactions. Included in this solution is voice biometric security from the Voice Signature Service provided through Convergys' partnership with TradeHarbor, a provider of voice authentication Web services.

"Government regulations requiring strong multi-factor authentication coupled with the growth of identity fraud are driving market awareness and the need for enhanced security, making features like voice authentication critical to companies and individuals that are increasingly concerned about protecting their self-service and agent-assisted interactions," said Nancy Jamison, president and principal analyst, Jamison Consulting. "With this offering, Convergys is building on its legacy of offering on-demand hosted services expertise by using the latest security technology - voice biometrics - to provide a scalable, reliable solution not just for its own clients but for any company seeking to maximize their fraud prevention capabilities for their customers."

"Today voice authentication is a competitive differentiator because it is new. However, with the increase in online transaction activity and increase in mobile device use, voice authentication will quickly go from being a nice-to-have to being a must-have for companies that want to retain their customers," said Bill Livingston, vice president of services architecture and deployment, TradeHarbor. "We greatly value our partnership with Convergys. No other company has breadth of implementation capabilities or as much demonstrated expertise in enabling customer service security and convenience as Convergys."

The Convergys Voice Authentication Practice is in the industry of developing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions that respond to the identity protection needs of companies that provide financial services to their customers.

"In these economic times, our clients have been asking us for increased authentication security for their customer self-service - for both speech and touchtone applications as well as agent-assisted transactions, but without the traditional capital expenditure hurdle," said Paul Watson, general manager of on-demand solutions, Convergys. "Our partnership with TradeHarbor has enabled us take customer service security and convenience to a new level keeping cost efficiencies in mind."

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