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M V Consulting, Inc. Releases 2008 Annual Growth Figures

M V Consulting, Inc. released information of the growth of several divisions of the company today. The company stated that for the full year of 2008 the company recorded significant growth in 4 of its 5 division. This growth was consistent both in each quarter and the entire year.

"In 2008, M V Consulting, Inc. encountered the same difficulties of expansion, credit, and consumer reluctance that highlighted all corporations," stated the President of M V Consulting, Michael Vass. He went on to say, "Yet the Company went on to improve and record significant growth in virtually every aspect of what we do. By almost every metric that a corporation can be judged by we outperformed, and given the environment we did this in it is even more impressive."

M V Consulting, Inc. does not release exact numbers of its performance, as these numbers are considered proprietary to the Company. But the Company does provide growth percentages and other metrics to the general public.

Growth in the Company's oldest blog site, Black Entertainment USA (, continued its record of year over year expansion.

-- The site reached a milestone of over 1000 posts in 2008
-- Visitors to the blog site increased by 56%
-- Unique visitors (first time traffic) jumped by 137%
-- Pages viewed by visitors, and the time spent on the site, reached record levels, up 65%
-- The site consistently reached internet viewers in at least 125 countries around the globe each month for the year

In the Company's political blog, VASS (, the first full year comparisons were made with remarkable results.

-- The site reached a milestone of exceeding 500 posts in 2008
-- Unique visitors increased by 138%
-- Page views by visitors, and time on the site, increased over 250%
-- Visitors skyrocketed by over 50%

The Company's online clothing and consumer goods store ( had equally impressive results for 2008. Increased sales were attributed to the increase in product lines form 8 in 2007 to 18 at the end of December 2008. At the end of the year over 1500 separate items are now available in the Company's store. The Company has also expanded on the number of models and photo shoots to display the various designer clothing lines, in excess of 200% in 2008.

In addition to the blogs and sites of the Company, the writing of primary author and President Michael Vass increased from being directly submitted for 8 non-Company blogs and sites to over 115 blogs and sites. Included in that expansion on the internet is one of the major milestone achievements of the Company for 2008.

TV One, which reaches 40 million people via its cable network channel, expanded its collaboration with the Company as it featured the VASS political blog as 1 of 2 blogs to provide its online visitors with commentary on the 2008 Presidential election.

Several other events that the Company was involved in during 2008 include:

Charitable work and donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities on behalf of the Madden Cordero Memorial, and to Not On Our Watch:

  • Active promotion of voter registration.
  • The purchase of larger work facilities.
  • The creation of a Youtube channel featuring video editorials by Michael Vass.
  • Coverage of the Wesley Snipes, Sean Bell, and other trials.
  • Coverage of the entire Democratic and Republican Primaries, and the election campaigns of the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates.
  • The Company's site became ranked among the top .5% of all blogs in the world (as ranked by Technorati out of 55 million blogs).
  • Reviews of numerous movies, books, videogames and other items.

The only division of the Company to remain flat in 2008 was its search engine optimization (SEO) division. This was attributed to lack of promotion equal to that of other divisions of the Company.

Michael Vass commented, "There is nothing like the ability of the Company to grow as it has, in the face of the credit crisis and uncertain economic stability. I must believe that there are only positive reasons why so many people from across the world have sought out the blogs and sites of the Company, and I promise to maintain the levels of credibility and responsible dissemination of information that we have come to be so well regarded for."

For additional information please contact M V Consulting, Inc. President Michael Vass at info (at) or 718-344-6921.

About M V Consulting, Inc. and Michael Vass

Mr. Michael Vass is a former securities industry account executive of good standing, and currently consults in the field of investor relations and blog site development. He has served in the US Marine Corps Reserves, as well as worked and studied in such diverse fields as entertainment, communications, philosophy and chemistry. He has lived abroad, in Moscow and Tbilisi, as well as in various cities throughout the United States.

Mr. Vass is President of M V Consulting, Inc. a diversified private company that maintains divisions in search engine optimization, online consumer goods, political and entertainment/celebrity blogs, corporate blogging, online video production, and consultation in several fields.

The Company owns Black Entertainment USA (, VASS (, a corporate website (, and an online store (

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